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Sorry, I posted a reply, but it disappeared.
(So forgive me if this is a double-up).


Yes, this issue affected all Store Pages at the same time.
(When 1 returns a 404 pages, every single Store Page does at the same time.)

Curiously, the Store Pages are still listed when the using the basic WordPress search.
And will also reappear when the search result is clicked.


The “Plugin Environment” screenshot is attached.
(It’s what I copy & pasted in my original post, with the exception of the “This Info Cached” value being different.)

I’ve disabled Smush Pro, but the issue is still occurring.
The “date” was coming from the Theme.

I’ve enabled WP_DEBUG & WP_DEBUG_LOG , but no debug.log file is being created.


Thank you for taking the time to look into this issue for us.
I’m quite puzzled here. It feels like some sort of Permalink corruption (targeting only the Store Pages, even though it’s a fresh build of a website with plugins I’m familiar with using.


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