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Thank you for checking this Cici.

Sorry, we’ve been using the [STORE-LOCATOR] shortcode from quite a few versions back, and hadn’t updated it to [SLPLUS] yet.  I’ve just updated it (on the page) now.

Yes, the “About Suburb” link is our store pages, created via the “Store Locator Plus® – Power” plugin. is one of the URLs that was randomly showing “404 Page not found” errors if we refresh the page after visiting.

The store page works fine if we click on the link to visit the page via the “About Suburb” link.
However, if we wait a few minutes & then refresh the page … we get the “Error 404 – page not found” message.


I’m guessing that there’s some sort of Permalink conflict between the plugins, but I’ve tried disabling all of them (including Yoast SEO) … the problem still reoccurs after a random few minutes.

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