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If you see a message about anything to do with API restrictions that is google. I believe we had answered a few similar questions last year in the forums about this and the developer wrote a few articles such as this one.
If Google says you cant use restrictors with your API key, click on their message and it will redirect you
The error message I see on your site when I click on Allow and search is this
Uncaught ReferenceError: GambitSmoothScroll is not defined
at (index):4

And that is under your locations index. I would clean up that error if you can since you have a lot of customization going on.

You might also want to use WP debugger to see if any errors are coming from your theme , another plugin or SLP. We do not see any errors related to WPSLP
When I open the window and DO NOT allow access, I see the warning not to share credit card info etc. Maybe Google Chrome has tightened up or is covering their butt by announcing privacy….

The Do you want this site to allow access has to do with security measures with most browsers now as part of their privacy policies. That has been an auto pop up with Firefox, Avast web browsers and many others for quite some time. Chrome would block it if you were not running the latest security certificate and HTTPS and not even ask you. Apparently they now are asking .
Location sensor talks to Google and as the article suggests it shows locations nearest you. I do not know where you are in relation to the sites locations so I am not sure how to guide you. There are no locations near me and you do not have the radius dropdown so i cant change radius

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