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Ok, I will notify the developer for guidance.

FYI: Under “A gallery style,” there is an inside scroll and there are a dozen plugin styles (now called locator styles) under there.  I need to update the docs site a bit more to delete those old photos

Regarding what you had before in the legacy add-on plugin styles, If you need a specific type style, as a premier customer, I can ask the developer to add it when he has some time available  if it isnt already under gallery style. You probably do not recall what it was called, (I know I wouldn’t), but if after looking at the additional styles you do not see one that works for you , you can contact us via the contact form and request.

under Gallery styles there is the scroll down on inside bar , for example AI Swarm, Alphaville, Bennet, Bobbitt, Brewery, default, Metropolis etc etc.  Can you see them under Settings /View in the inside scroll bar under Gallery style?

see attached screenshot.

If you have Janitor you can view what is actually being used under option results layout compared to what is being shown after you change it.

I will let you know about the ifset under results when I have more info



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