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If you use any Browser tool  and inspect you will see that Google has posted the following message :

Google JavaScript API geocoder failed with status ZERO_RESULTS results 0

further investigation shows that the action did GET the info but just didnt show results.

Next step, I went to the Google MAPS commercial app,  and typed in search box 97140. Google couldn’t locate the address.  As far as Google is concerned, there isnt enough info to process. See screenshot taken using Google MAPs, not your site.

There are some features in Premier that “assists” the visiotr with selections such as Show Google address guess, etc.

Finding a zip code is 100% Google MAP  issue. You can write them at support if it is important, most likely they will tell you to instruct your customers to type in more information to improve their results. I.E such as city.  If you want to change the No results found and add a different message please see documents,



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