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Thanks for your prompt response Cici.

I don’t know if using a theme (The7 theme) with a bundled plugin called “Visual Composer” would count as “using a plugin to determine the landing page”. The Visual composer plugin, is a drag and drop plugin that allows me to insert rows, columns, and shortcodes that make it easier for us to arrange a layout on a page.

On the panel setting I put: Fontana, CA (it is actually Fontana no Fortuna) a city close to one of our locations, because if I leave that center field empty, when I click on “directions” on any location I get no results, since the map is centered somewhere in Kansas, as your documentation states.

The issue is that the plugin doesn’t give me directions from the city I established in the shortcode, which is [SLPlLUS center_map_at=”Asuza CA”]

What can I do to try to fix it?

Please find attached the screenshot of the plugin environment.

I appreciate any input you an give.


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