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Inspected your site and CSS.  Your theme is using a grid layout and wrapping the results box in that grid. i cant even click on the individual phone number but when I inspect that div line in the result

to see the formatting, the results wrapper is inherited from div inside article. In that wrapper you have no label.

Basically your theme is overwriting how the results are being displayed.

The labels are populated because they appear in the INFO MAP Bubble.

Therefore without knowing the ins and outs of your themes and other plugins I cannot guess as to why you have no email line. I am guessing that you have some CSS that needs to be addressed. You can try choosing a different plugin style , but other then that I cant fix the css on your site and you do not wish to buy the experience add-on to overwrite the rules via the CSS module from Experience   , I am back to suggesting you try to address it in your theme  CSS or javascript.


that is outside the realms of what the basic free plugin does. We cannot overwrite your theme.  SLP is working as it should.

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