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we need your information as requested in Posting guidelines.

Somehow we got the sites and forum posts from another customer crossed because someone added to your forum post and it was mixed .

If you have Forceload javascript the center map at will not work. You may need to clear your cache if the distance in your locations tabs are incorrect as well.  Other troubleshooting info that can effect search issues, all focus around javascript

you have errors in your website that are creating issues for Google to work. Use any developer tools and look at the console to see the errors I have attached a screenshot

There are a few errors that indicate that you either have another plugin or your theme that is also using a Google MAP API. Noted multiple google map apis

noted: Sensor not required (SLP has not had that issue for three years that is coming from another one of your plugins or script in your theme)

You may need to use the Debugging WP tool to find them

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