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Hi Boyd,


Versions of the SLP, WP, Power add-ons?

Are you using the CSV format as shown here in our documentation? Field names

Can you show an example or  snippet of the file you are importing?

Are you looking at back end and seeing a location does not have both address lines or are you saying the results on the front end?

(see attached, I just imported the csv file adding a second address, I then checked back end locations it was there, I just checked front end under results and it was also there, my test : Positive results, worked as expected)

I did not change my results layout so I should change the results layout to put address 2 on separate line but other then that it shows up correctly, imported correctly anon both back and front end

Do you have address 2 checked off under screen options?

(see screenshot)

If you include the site url that the results page returns I can look at it there as well.

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