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No debug report to give, no errors, just questions.

SLP page:

Attached is the plugin version

Do you have locations with categories? – No.

I believe this is using the power add-on. When we go to “Reports” on SLP we can export a “Report Summary”. This report summary provides us the queries and results of the SLP. When we exported this out, we get the column categories on the CSV: Store, City, State, Zip, Tags, Total. I want to know what “Total” means and where that number comes from. We have lots of locations (zipcodes) that are close in vicinity that are getting the exact same results, so we are unsure if something is skewing the results rather than these “Totals” being only “Clicks” on the location.

Does the category “Totals” mean total clicks on the location or are there other factors being aggregated to make this number and that’s why zipcodes/locations close to each other are having exact same results? I’ve attached “OctoberPhysicians (1).csv – look at the first 4 locations. All have the same number for “Total”.

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