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My apologies for having to use the name I registered the software under in behalf of one of my clients, but since the account was created under her name, I didn’t see any point in belaboring the name.

But to answer your question, I found this thread because, like Sandra it seems, I went searching for why I am now unable to export our list from your software.I am not working with Sandra, nor do I know her. We just happen to be experiencing similar situations, and I found your response to her non-responsive and unhelpful.

Apart from my wondering how you justify an increase of over 3X the original cost to those of us who have supported SLP (and purchased add-ons) for years (over 10X the cost to become a subscriber!!), I’ll just ask: what problems can I expect when I downgrade to an older SLP which allows me to regain access to the ProPack, since that seems to be the only reasonable solution short of paying the exorbitant costs to regain the functionality we originally paid for? Specifically, will our online list/database be harmed/damaged in the process?

@Sandra It was not my intention to take over or detract from your topic. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I’m frustrated that I cannot do something which I have been doing for years: month-end export and backing up of my client’s database. My client has thoroughly enjoyed SLP (as have I), but not to the tune of 3X/10X increase in cost which SLP’s owners now charge, which I informed them about this morning when I had to report my failure to be able to backup our online data.

Tim, in behalf of client Elizabeth