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@ Sandra   ProPack is compatible with SLP 4.7.4. If all you want to do is export your data you do not need the Power add-on which includes 5 separate add-on  features and updated and improved functionality.   There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.   The author and developer has spent many hours improving the plugin and functions. Updating 20 different add-ons was not cost effective. The announcement in Dec 2015 explained the reason for letting the legacy add-ons stand on their own and to not be updated other than for security patches.  The objective is to  decrease the overhead impact on your system as well as the SLP system.

See FAQ for more info.


@ Elizabeth, aka timothy…Is there something you are asking ? You are  glomming on this particular post  but I do not see a question . Are you and Sandra working together on a project?  You have posted in the past and have had your questions answered expediently.  If you have a question, please post a separate forum question and we will try to help you.