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Hi John,


Please provide your site url, or send it to support email if you cant share it here. (if it is for a specific customer, I cannot find any info from your order or your site)

Also please update ( I know, yet again) , you can pull the SLP 4.7.4 manually by forcing a WP update check or getting it from our site and doing a manual update.

WordPress can take up to 12 hours to notify sites an update is available.

There was a bug in 4.7.3, update to version 4.7.4. The bug  was , if you (or your customer) ever had old Legacy add-ons and then updated to the newer Power or Experience, for some reason the last update 4.7.3  exposed a latent bug that was deep within the code , and apparently some of the settings was reverting back to the Legacy settings. I do not know what you  or your customers had before, but update to 4.7.4.  Then go in and refresh your site.  if no fix, either provide site info here or email, or follow the Debugging instructions in Troubleshooting.