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Hi Benjamin

I have your site loaded on my phone right this second , a very simple mobile device, not all the latest .  I entered Tampa for my search and it came back with Spa Jardin Macdill….etc See attached screenshots

So having tested it on my not too fancy (as in not top of the line) Samsung Galaxy it works perfect. I can try to take a picture of my phone with this awesome page you have designed  if you would like. I also used my tablet and it also found your store locator page allowed me to search and didn’t crash

I do have wifi turned on using my phone at the moment.

Have you ever tried Browsestacker to test over various platforms?  I cant provide much more info than this , I am not a developer unfortunately. The developer is on vacation, when he gets back I will mention it to him, but he has a lot of work answering some paid customization and paid support issues. (thats what happens when you go on vacation) 🙂


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