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Your header line data filed formats seem to be  mixing apples and oranges. For instance you have sl_store, but “State” instead of sl_state.     You have a bunch of empty spaces  after the words and before commas, i.e.
WAITROSE AMPTHILL       , and that is through out your csv file. You can see I have no spaces after any of my data fields I exported, they are commas..

You should not use capital letters for categroy  slugs. Location Imports information

For instance this is what my header line (data field names are) when I exported them:

You do not need all of them of course, for instance you do not need your latitiude and ligtitude if you are not importing those. When you uploaded CSV file did you choose, First row has header?

Here is a link to csv examples of and what your CORRECT SL_FIELD NAMES will look like.