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No I don’t believe it is a SLP bug,  Either Google MAP API  does not think that zip code is within your radius setting  (*No surprise there, they often change their algorithms and I have an Australia Map that I had to change settings and manually insert the correct lat/long)  If you  check the locations geocodeed LAT/LONG is it coming up correctly?   I had to physically set the lat/long for the Sydney Opera House for example, because Google kept trying to put it somewhere a few streets back…=== (see attached example to check where the geocode lands you)

Do you have radius behavior set as Always use ?

Check the  Search Address Nearest: Is it set to World wide or Current a MAP

You can also see what your zoom settings are and adjust accordingly.   You might try to set your zoom level tighter and your Results Radius To Search Initially lower instead of 8000km. .  Do you have your Center Map set or is it set at just center of Australia?  If you have most sites in the lower half of Australia you might want to pick a center map at slightly different.

You still have some outdated add-ons.    New versionsdo not always show up in the WP admin panel because they are add-0ns and  WP checks for updates of all  plugins in a 12 hour loop so when a lot of plugins update at same time, like now when Version 4.5 was released it may never get to our SLP add-ons.

If you look under your SLP panel tab  INFO NEWS periodically , any version updates or issues are  announced in a post there.   It is good to read the posts occasionally because we have started to include many tutorial videos about the updates.  The newer 4.4 versions normally do show up as needing version updates but only when you open your Plugin List .

PRODUCTS Page. you can click on various  Add-ons or go to your account to see downloads to update

Pages (formerly called Store Pages) is version 4.4.07

ProPAck version update post is 4.4.04

Social Media Extender is 4.4.01

Enhanced Results is now considered a Legacy add-on since the =newer version is included in Experience Add-on  but is 4.3.02 , Ditto:  Enhanced Map older 4.3 version is  4.3.01 or the newer 4.4 versions is in Experience add-on,

Enhanced Search is 4.3.03…ditto as above, inc EXP

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