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I looked at your CSV file and there are still many  errors,,,quotes around  street addresses, and within the names  with double quotes. ::: also  spaces where there shouldn’t be after  street names, double ampersands

This indicates that the excel file or whatever was used to create the list, someone is adding a hard return or shift tab. or something which is is adding special file characters where they shouldn’t be.  Do a search of your file and  you can easily find the quotation marks  in the csv file by using the find next button , see attached

Altha Farmers Co-Op,”18453 Main Street, North “,Blountstown,FL,32424,(850) 674-8194

Another  prime example below
“Big “”A”” Farm & Ranch”,699 Earlene Sizemore Road,Sumner,GA,31789,(229) 402-4969

I even tried to search for some the way you have them in your csv file, searched in Google maps and got:

Your search for “Big “”A”” Farm & Ranch”,699 Earlene Sizemore Road,Sumner,GA,31789, did not match with any results.


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