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Ok in answer to your many questions:

1. updating to WP 4.4 now.  we have to be careful as the theme can’t keep up with the latest WP versions sometimes.

2. updating to EXP was done as per your last instructions – EXP download, then update SLP.

3. FIND button is now working, it wasn’t before.

4. site is

5. the original enquiry was that the short codes for sending an email or visiting a webpage no longer work.  So if I choose Church A from the map, it takes me to Church A’s Store Page.  Down the bottom we have a link that says Send An Email, but the code (even though the field is correctly filled (see this screenshot – doesn’t actually do what it should – the code is incomplete on the page (see the status bar at the bottom of the image) –  So what we have is a short code that says: Send Email To [storepage field= and that’s it, so it’s a broken short code.  Same with the webpage link as well.

6. plugin environment attached.

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