Envato / Theme Forest

There are at least 5 known problems with various Theme Forest themes as listed on the Envato site.   We have a contact at Envato that will work with the plugin authors and attempt to accelerate theme patches.    There is a blog post describing the  issue in detail.  The short version is that a number of Theme Forest themes have been found to “interrupt” HTML process and thus cause Store Locator Plus (as well as other non-CSA plugins) to show “open HTML” under the map.

We have issued a workaround that fixes SOME of the Theme Forest themes, however not all authors are using the same function name to bastardize the shortcode HTML processing.  Thus the patch is not fool-proof and some themes may still not render properly even with the 3.6.2 patch in place.

If you are having this issue please contact us and tell us the name of the Envato/Theme Forest theme you are using.

The  list of themes with known issues:

    • Blanco – not processing jQuery 1.7.2 form methods
    • Elogix – open HTML under map : reported as still broken
    • Goodspace – open HTML under map : status unknown
    • Grizzly – open HTML under map : status unknown
    • Made – open HTML under map : reported as still broken 
    • Maxx – open HTML under map : reported as still broken 
    • Natural – open HTML under map :  v3.6.2 workaround reported as working around the theme bug


The Halycon theme has numerous errors and hundreds of warnings.  It was clearly not developed with debug mode turned on and wreaks havoc on the JavaScript loading process.   Enqueue scripts is not called properly using WordPress best practices of when to load scripts, which causes later loading scripts to fail.



Version 6.0 (and earlier?) of MyReviewPlugin has JavaScript errors on a replace() call when viewed in preview mode.   It also tries to load Google Maps manually and bypasses Google’s self-checking for multiple script inclusion.  This can cause unexpected side effects.

Store Locator Plugin

The original Store Locator plugin by Viadat is the plugin that Store Locator Plus was forked from.    There are still some functions that are the same name in both plugins, which causes WordPress (PHP actually) to break.  Disable and/or delete the Store Locator plugin if you are going to use Store Locator Plus.   The switch is non-destructive and will retain your locations.  You can always switch back by deactivating SLP and re-activating Store Locator.