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Store Locator Plus Prerelease Available To Everyone

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Effective immediately, Store Locator Plus Prerelease versions are now available to everyone at no cost.

Rather than post the individual patches in the forums, CSA has decided to make the PRERELEASE VERSION of Store Locator Plus available as a FREE product.    Once you “purchase” the Store Locator Plus prerelease version you will always have access to the latest prerelease version of Store Locator Plus before the final tested version is published to the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Note:  PRERELEASE VERSION in caps because it should not be used on a production system.

You can “purchase” the prerelease copy here to get the updated Store Locator Plus add-on to install and test.  /product/store-locator-plus-prerelease/

To replace the production version of SLP with the latest prerelease version:

  1. “Purchase” the free copy of the plugin using the link provided.
  2. Download the prerelease zip file.
  3. Login to your WordPress site.
  4. Deactivate and Delete the Store Locator Plus base plugin (locations and settings will be retained).
  5. Add New / Upload / Activate the prelease version.

When the production release is available you can either wait until a NEWER production version comes out (a number higher than your prerelease version) and let WordPress auto-notify you of the new version and do the “in place update” or you can manually do the same process as outlined above to remove the prelease version of Store Locator Plus and install the production version downloaded directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory.