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SLP 4.4 and the new Experience Plug-in bundled add-ons

Experience Plug-in is now available for Purchase

Experience 520x520
The new Experience Plugin will be the way to go to enhance your Store Locator Plus site. It includes the Enhanced Results, Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search and new and improved Widgets pack. Discounts will be available for those customers who bought an Enhanced plugin in the past 60 days and who want to upgrade to the new bundled Experience 4.4. Simply send an email to support, provide your order number, or purchaser name and request a coupon. Currently, active Premier subscribers are automatically signed up for these faster and improved features included in the Experience bundle.

The new features are explained in the below video. The Experience plugin introduces a new feature that will allow you to specify a map region with a short code map_region= on your locator page that will take precedence over the Map domain. It is an enhancement that should come in handy for international customers. The short code uses the country code TLD.

New Widget feature included with the Experience 4.4 Plugin

Another new feature is in the Widgets portion of the Experience Plug-in which allows a secondary drop-down selector with your location’s cities grouped under the state selector.

These features are ONLY available for the New Experience 4.4 subscriber. Documentation will be updated to reflect the way the Experience plugin appears behind the scenes (the back end). Watch this short video from the author for more information.

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Store Locator Plus updates to Widgets 4.3.03, Enhanced Search 4.3.02 and Directory Builder 4.3.01

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Widgets for SLP Update

The Widget add-on version 4.3.03 tweaks the Search by State Widget to be more intuitive when the map is rendered. In previous versions, when a visitor to your site selected a state from the drop down menu the drop down box within the Enhanced Search form on your map page would continue to reflect the drop down menu for “all of the states” contained in your location database as the default. In Widget Pack 4.3.03 the user “selected state” from the Widget Pack will be the default in the search form on the map page. This is the only change made and is a minor tweak. To see how SLP Widgets works, view the developers short video.

Enhanced Search Update

The latest version of Enhanced Search, 4.3.02, adds some new features and rules to allow for easier customization for styling and UI designers to change the search selector layout with the store locator plus plug-in styles. For more information, view the developer’s short video. Changes:

  • Additional identifiers introduced in the sl div wrap
  • Updated code

Directory Builder Update

Directory Builder version 4.3.01 fixes an issue that was occurring on some sites and producing error messages if the Directory Builder add-on was loaded before SLP was loaded in the call stack. An explanation of this change and how Directory Builder works in general can be viewed in the developer’s short video.

All of the videos contained here are also available for later viewing from the Store Locator Plus Documentation page. A “playlist” menu can be seen in the corner of the video package.

If you have questions regarding these updates, please post in the forums and be sure to provide your Plug-in Environment information and review the Posting Guidelines. Premier members may post in the Premier Support forum. We ask the Premier subscribers to also review the posting guidelines. Thanks for using Store Locator Plus.

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Several Locator Updates Released Today

Several updates to Store Locator Plus, one of the most popular WordPress locator plugins available today, were published today.  The updates include the base Store Locator Plus plugin as well as several add-on packs.    Some of the updates work hand-in-hand.  If you are using any of the premium add-on packs listed you should upgrade all of the components starting with the base plugin.

Store Locator Plus

Updates to version 4.2.57 include general cleanup of unused variables in the JavaScript processor and the PHP engine running on WordPress.   The changes are minor but every unused variable and defunct function that is eliminated reduces the memory footprint and can increase execution speed of the plugin.

Minor CSS adjustments were made to the administrative interface as work progresses to modernize the admin interface and bring it inline with the core WordPress user experience.

Communication timers for the premium add-on packs have been increased to allow more time for update processing and news-and-info posts to be retrieved by the server.

Several internal updates were made to assist in shifting all functionality of the Disable Initial Directory feature to the Enhanced Results add-on pack.

Enhanced Results

Enhanced Results version 4.2.07 resolves the issue with disable initial directory not functioning as expected.   This version works in conjunction with Store Locator Plus 4.2.57 to take over full control of the disable initial directory feature.   The processing uses WordPress 4.2 framework standards to provide a more consistent and faster processing experience when utilizing advanced interface features like hiding real-time output from the base plugin.

Version 4.2.07 has also been updated to use the SLP 4.2 add-on framework for testing the validity of settings and utilizes the frameworks user interface manager.  Both provide experience consistency and a reduced memory footprint.

This update requires SLP version 4.2.57

Widget Pack

The Widget Pack has been updated to version 4.2.04 in order to ensure that searches coming in from the widgets will show results on the map page when a user employs the Disable Initial Directory option in Enhanced Results.  All users should upgrade to the new version of the Widget Pack, but if you are using this feature of Enhanced Results you must upgrade the Widget Pack for the widget to work properly.

The updated widget pack has additional changes to remove unused methods and simplify the communication with Store Locator Plus.   The update moves more of the legacy Widget Pack functions in line with the Store Locator Plus 4.2 add-on framework for improved consistency and performance.

This update requires SLP version 4.2.57

Enhanced Map

Enhanced Map was updated to 4.2.06.  This update is a minor update that removes some of the methods in the add-on pack in favor of using the built-in SLP 4.2 add-on framework methods.  This improves consistency and performance.

This update requires SLP version 4.2.56 or higher.


Change Logs

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Widget Pack Re-released

Widget Pack Product Banner

The Widget Pack has been re-released in a Store Locator Plus 4.2 compatible version.   This release is a quick-release of the basic search from from the latest versions of the Widget Pack from withinboredom.   This is the first release produced by Charleston Software Associates with minimal changes.   Going forward more widgets will be added and features refined.     This is a “quick release” pushed back out to market due to popular demand.

Widget On Sample page
Widget On Sample page
Widget generated search
Widget generated search

Widget Pack Details


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Widget Pack Coming Back

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Charleston Software Associates and withinboredom have reached an agreement for the future development and support of the Store Locator Plus Widget Pack.    The Widget Pack add-on will become a standard Charleston Software Associates add-on pack starting in October.    Withinboredom has enjoyed working with CSA while developing the original Widget Pack however recent changes including a new addition to his family that is expected to arrive any day now have limited his availability.

CSA will be working on updating the Widget Pack  and adding it back into the family as a Store Locator Plus 4.2 compatible add-on pack.    The current development schedule puts the initial re-release date at the start of October.

The agreement allows withinboredom to focus on family and provides CSA the opportunity to extend and refine one of the most popular add-on packs we have had in the Store Locator Plus family of plugins.

Look for more news about the Widget Pack over the coming weeks.