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Widget Pack 1.1 R&D – Goes To Testing

An update to the Store Locator Plus Widget Pack version 1.1 just completed the development cycle today.    It will be tested over the next 48 hours for compatibility with Store Locator Plus version 3.11.   If it proves compatible with that version of Store Locator Plus you will be seeing the update posted within a few days.

The Widget Pack has been updated as follows:

  • Enhancement: remedy some gettext calls so language translators work better.
  • Enhancement: Basic Widget form is now wrapped in a div with class “slp_basic_widget” for easier skinning.
  • Enhancement: Radius Label option added. If not blank the form will show a radius drop-down with a label unless Enhanced Search “hide radius drop down” is set. If blank it will use the default radius entered.
  • Enhancement: Radius Drop Down, loads from main Store Locator Plus settings if radius label is set.
  • Enhancement: Basic widget works with early or late loading JavaScript.
  • Enhancement: Added complex results output. The results output format will now match that under the map, unless “Use Simple Output” is checked.
  • Fix: Use placeholder checkbox on Basic Widget now saves setting.

You can see the new widget pack in action in this demo video: