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Widgets 4.3.02 , Store Locator Plus 4.3.13 , and Pages 4.3.02 Released for Production site download

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“Falls” , Daniel Cleveland

The Store Locator Plus team survived the recent storm and flooding that encompassed a large part of South Carolina and we even managed to get some work done. Luckily for us, we did not lose power. Here are some of the things that were worked on and published over the past week.


The pre-release for Pages 4.3.01 which was announced in a previous post, failed one of the tests performed and, as a result, was set aside. Thank you to our SLP community for testing the pre-release and reporting back to the developer. Pages 4.3.02 was released for production downloads last week. If you were using the 4.3.01 pre-release, be sure to delete and download the latest version 4.3.02 which fixes the settings not being saved. This patch also requires an update to the Store Locator Plus to 4.3.13 which was also released last week and is available for download A tutorial video is available for a quick overview of the changes.

Widget Pack

A bug when using the State Widget was reported by a Store Locator Plus customer and has been patched. It effected the ability to change the State within the search form itself. After the user selected a state from the Widget box and loaded the state map, a new state search was not being displayed. Version 4.3.02 resolves this issue. For those people who use this Add-On pack, you will want to update Widgets to version 4.3.02, following the guidance in the Documentation Updating an Addon Pack.

Change Log for SLP

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Store Locator Plus 4.3 Release Schedule

4.3 RC Status Aug 6 AM

Store Locator Plus 4.3 is expected to be released into production during the week of August 17th along with 4.3 versions of all add-on packs.

4.3 RC Status Aug 6 AM
4.3 RC Status Aug 6 AM

Store Locator Plus is now in Release Candidate status.  You can download the prerelease near-production-ready version from the website.   The prerelease version is available at no cost from the store.  If you’ve already added the prerelease version to your account you can login and download; no need to re-purchase.

Most add-on packs are now in RC status as well.   If you have purchased the production version of an add-on pack you can download the prerelease version by logging in to you account.

The more people that can test version 4.3 of the Store Locator Plus plugin and add-on packs the faster it can be released to production.    Prerelease, including RC versions, of the plugin should not be used on a production system without first testing your environment on a staging (testing) copy of your site.  Companies like WP Engine make creating staging copies of your live site very easy.  If you do not employ staging sites as part of your website management strategy you really should consider switching to a hosting company that supports easy site cloning for testing purposes.


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Premium Updates for Store Locator Plus

Several premium add-on packs for Store Locator Plus have been updated this afternoon.   Most updates are minor patches with revised hyperlinks, typo fixes, or language file updates.    The patches bump the version of the add-on packs to ensure that all sites are updated to the latest release due to a series of version control system updates that were not being reported to all users.   The heightened security on one of the CSA servers prevented the version reference file from updating, in turn stopping update notices from getting out to all users.

Directory Builder 4.2.10

A Dutch language file update is included in this release.

Users that missed the 4.2.09 update notice will also get the 4.2.09 feature that allows nonces to be disabled for better SEO performance of the directory listings.

Enhanced Map 4.2.07

Minor updates to the hyperlinks and typo fixes.

Users that missed the 4.2.06 and 4.2.05 update notices will get the new Google JSON Style rules feature for maps as well as the custom map markers patch for per-location map markers.

Enhanced Results 4.2.07

Minor updates for hyperlinks and typo fixes.

Users that missed the 4.2.06 update will laos receive the new popup email formatting and CSS rules set in SLP 4.2.48.

Enhanced Search 4.2.09

Not updated today, this release was pushed to production again to ensure all users get the update.   It includes patches for the state and country dropdown selectors.  Also set autocomplete to not fire until at least 3 characters are entered when “address zip autocomplete” is enabled.   Includes the Dutch translation update.

Widget Pack 4.2.04

No update today.  4.2.04 updates the widget pack to work with Enhanced Results 4.2.06+.

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Several Locator Updates Released Today

Several updates to Store Locator Plus, one of the most popular WordPress locator plugins available today, were published today.  The updates include the base Store Locator Plus plugin as well as several add-on packs.    Some of the updates work hand-in-hand.  If you are using any of the premium add-on packs listed you should upgrade all of the components starting with the base plugin.

Store Locator Plus

Updates to version 4.2.57 include general cleanup of unused variables in the JavaScript processor and the PHP engine running on WordPress.   The changes are minor but every unused variable and defunct function that is eliminated reduces the memory footprint and can increase execution speed of the plugin.

Minor CSS adjustments were made to the administrative interface as work progresses to modernize the admin interface and bring it inline with the core WordPress user experience.

Communication timers for the premium add-on packs have been increased to allow more time for update processing and news-and-info posts to be retrieved by the server.

Several internal updates were made to assist in shifting all functionality of the Disable Initial Directory feature to the Enhanced Results add-on pack.

Enhanced Results

Enhanced Results version 4.2.07 resolves the issue with disable initial directory not functioning as expected.   This version works in conjunction with Store Locator Plus 4.2.57 to take over full control of the disable initial directory feature.   The processing uses WordPress 4.2 framework standards to provide a more consistent and faster processing experience when utilizing advanced interface features like hiding real-time output from the base plugin.

Version 4.2.07 has also been updated to use the SLP 4.2 add-on framework for testing the validity of settings and utilizes the frameworks user interface manager.  Both provide experience consistency and a reduced memory footprint.

This update requires SLP version 4.2.57

Widget Pack

The Widget Pack has been updated to version 4.2.04 in order to ensure that searches coming in from the widgets will show results on the map page when a user employs the Disable Initial Directory option in Enhanced Results.  All users should upgrade to the new version of the Widget Pack, but if you are using this feature of Enhanced Results you must upgrade the Widget Pack for the widget to work properly.

The updated widget pack has additional changes to remove unused methods and simplify the communication with Store Locator Plus.   The update moves more of the legacy Widget Pack functions in line with the Store Locator Plus 4.2 add-on framework for improved consistency and performance.

This update requires SLP version 4.2.57

Enhanced Map

Enhanced Map was updated to 4.2.06.  This update is a minor update that removes some of the methods in the add-on pack in favor of using the built-in SLP 4.2 add-on framework methods.  This improves consistency and performance.

This update requires SLP version 4.2.56 or higher.


Change Logs

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Show Your States Widget Update

CSA News and Info Banner

The Widget Pack for Store Locator Plus has been updated with a new SLP States widget.   The new widget places a drop down menu showing all of the states where you have locations along with a submit button so your users can easily see where your are located.    When the user selects a state and clicks the submit button your Store Locator Plus map page will be brought up showing all non-private locations within that state.

As part of this update the SLP Search Form widget has also been updated.   The most visible change is the MAP URL field is not a single entry that takes the full URL to your Store Locator Plus map page.  If you are not using SEO friendly permalinks and have ?page_id=8 in your URL, for example, the widget pack will sort that out for you automatically.    The search form also enables immediate results mode, fixing an issue on sites that did not want an immediate list of locations to appear on the map page but did want them to appear when a user came in from a widget search.    The search form also drops the number of locations limit and now shows all locations within the defined radius.



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Widget Pack 4.0.006

The author of the Widget Pack, withinboredom, released a patch today that addresses the location sensor issue.   When the widget pack is along with the Pro Pack the location sensor is now automatically disabled when a user interacts with the widget.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue where searches were ignored when the gps sensor was turned on

Screen Shots

SLP Widget Admin Selector
SLP Widget Admin Selector
Widget Settings
Widget Settings
SLP Sidebar Widget on UI
SLP Sidebar Widget on the Twenty Twelve Theme sidebar.
Widget Pack Redirect Search Results
Widget Pack Redirect Search Results

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Store Locator Plus Widget Pack Updated

Widget Pack Icon With Text

I just received a copy of the Widget Pack add-on for Store Locator Plus from withinboredom.

The new release fixes several bugs including problems with the WPMU (multisite) installation of the add-on pack.    The new version has dropped the advanced widget which was sending searches to the location engine and displaying the results in the sidebar.   That feature was not working quite as well as the author had hoped and has been dropped until a better implementation can be created.   The current version does retain the sidebar search form widget where users can enter a zip code or address and have it direct the user to a Store Locator Plus map page of your choosing.

You can login to your account on the Store Locator Plus website to download the latest version of the widget pack and install it manually.   The update server should also notify you at some point in the next 24 hours if you prefer to upgrade from within your WordPress admin panel.

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Widget Pack Update 1.2 Imminent / The Info Bubble

Widget Pack 1.2 Updates

The past few hours I’ve managed to get away from the half-dozen daily insurance-related phone calls and get some code written.  The focus today has been on the Widget Pack update in relation to a paid customization project.  The updates that are being tested in preparation for a version 1.2 release, the addition of “immediate mode”.    The widget equivalent of “immediately show locations”.

Basic Widget version 1.2
Basic Widget version 1.2

Two new settings in the Widget Pack, immediate mode and immediate address, work in tandem to get this feature working.    When you turn on immediate mode on a widget you must also provide an immediate address to use as the default search address.    When both items are set the widget will automatically fire off the back end search and return results in the widget area.

In addition to immediate mode a new div area between the search form and the results has been implemented.  The div areas are given the id sl_arrow_container on the outside div and sl_search_arrow on the inner div.   As you can probably guess, I am using this div to render a down arrow between the widget search form and the results when immediate mode when results come back from the location search engine.

Widget Immediate Mode With Arrow
Widget Immediate Mode With Arrow

Enhanced Map and The Info Bubble

Over the past several days I’ve been busy doing a complete overhaul of the info bubble for Store Locator Plus 4.0.    In version 4.0 there are some basic format changes to the info bubble.    It is also now driven by a bubble-only shortcode processor that is built into the JavaScript handler for the map interface.   This new shortcode processor lays the foundation for a new feature that will be coming in Enhanced Map 1.0 when Store Locator Plus 4.0 is released; Enhanced Map will come with a admin setting that will allow you to completely control the contents of the bubble to display static text or HTML or location info.

SLP4 Bubble Layout
SLP4 Bubble Layout



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Widget Pack 1.1 R&D – Goes To Testing

An update to the Store Locator Plus Widget Pack version 1.1 just completed the development cycle today.    It will be tested over the next 48 hours for compatibility with Store Locator Plus version 3.11.   If it proves compatible with that version of Store Locator Plus you will be seeing the update posted within a few days.

The Widget Pack has been updated as follows:

  • Enhancement: remedy some gettext calls so language translators work better.
  • Enhancement: Basic Widget form is now wrapped in a div with class “slp_basic_widget” for easier skinning.
  • Enhancement: Radius Label option added. If not blank the form will show a radius drop-down with a label unless Enhanced Search “hide radius drop down” is set. If blank it will use the default radius entered.
  • Enhancement: Radius Drop Down, loads from main Store Locator Plus settings if radius label is set.
  • Enhancement: Basic widget works with early or late loading JavaScript.
  • Enhancement: Added complex results output. The results output format will now match that under the map, unless “Use Simple Output” is checked.
  • Fix: Use placeholder checkbox on Basic Widget now saves setting.

You can see the new widget pack in action in this demo video: