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SLP “The Naughty List” Themes

Between developing WordPress plugins and helping clients get their WordPress sites online I come across a LOT of themes and plugins.  Often I find myself chasing down bugs or interface anomalies and end up installing various themes and plugins on my development box for testing and problem isolation.  Along the way I’ve found a LOT of themes and plugins that misbehave.  In some cases the infractions are minor, in others it is surprising the software actually works.

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The Naughty List

Here are my findings of those themes and plugins that mis-behave.  Please feel free to share your own in the comments.


Blanco, Theme Forest

Does not process jQuery function extensions (fn.extend) properly.

This theme has a hard-coded call to Google Maps in the header.php file.  It does not use the enqueue_scripts() method that is prescribed best practices for WordPress themes that load scripts.  This can cause conflicts with any plugins that provide Google Maps services.

Warnings and Errors

Notice: get_theme_data is deprecated since version 3.4! Use wp_get_theme() instead. in /home/wordpress/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2638

Use of undefined constant etheme_add_admin_script - assumed 'etheme_add_admin_script' in 
on line 83
Undefined index: etheme_install in 
on line 3

Elogix, Theme Forest

Mangles valid HTML in shortcodes inserting <br/> in the middle of HTML tags.

Goodspace, Theme Forest

Mangles valid HTML in shortcodes inserting <br/> in the middle of HTML tags.

Halycon, Rocket Theme

August 2012 release.   Numerous coding errors and hundreds of PHP warnings.   Does not enqueue javascript via the accepted best practices as set forth by WordPress.

Invictus, doitmax via Theme Forest

Does not properly load Google Fonts library, hanging the font and script loading process. (version 2.6.52)

If you enter a valid Google Developer API key to enable web fonts to stop the “infinite loading of Google fonts” the plugin generates an error message:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
on line 81

Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
(output started at /kunden/268552_55268/chem-tools/finestcare/wp-content/themes/invictus/doitmax_fw/includes/
in /kunden/268552_55268/chem-tools/finestcare/wp-includes/pluggable.php
on line 876

Made, Theme Forest

Mangles valid HTML in shortcodes inserting <br/> in the middle of HTML tags.

Maxx, Theme Forest

Mangles valid HTML in shortcodes inserting <br/> in the middle of HTML tags.

Natural, Theme Forest

Mangles valid HTML in shortcodes inserting <br/> in the middle of HTML tags.

RT-9 Theme v 1.0.4 by Tolga Can via Theme Forest

  • PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: place in /var/www/wpslp/wp-content/themes/rt9/functions.php on line 47
  • NOTICE: wp-content/themes/rt9/index.php:25 – Use of undefined constant dwhich_home – assumed ‘dwhich_home’
  • NOTICE: wp-content/themes/rt9/footer.php:42 – Undefined variable: footer_pages
  • wp-content/themes/rt9/header.php:79 – get_settings is deprecated since version 2.1! Use get_option() instead.
  • PHP Deprecated:  Function split() is deprecated in /var/www/wpslp/wp-content/themes/rt9/header.php on line 121
  • PHP Warning:  include(): Failed opening ‘/var/www/wpslp/wp-content/themes/rt9/rttheme_options/includes.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php’) in /var/www/wpslp/wp-content/themes/rt9/functions.php on line 2

RT-15 Theme by Tolga Can via Theme Forest

The IE check built into JavaScript is broken, causing all other scripts that load after script.js to break:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'msie' of undefined

RT-17 Theme by Tolga Can via Theme Forest

Various warnings and errors.While the SLP plugin does NOT do session management, ANY other plugin that does use session management (Events Manager, for example) will trigger a sessions error that will then cause the AJAX listener to break and thus make it appear that SLP is not working.   Neither plugins nor themes should be doing their own session management.
Notice: Undefined index: reset_settings in 
on line 302 

Notice: A session had already been started - ignoring session_start() in 
on line 9 

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in
on line 143

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in
on line 143


Events Manager

Version 5.3.1 fights with some themes that are also doing manual session management.  This causes the AJAX listener to break and thus SLP breaks.


Version 6.0.  Errors on replace() call in preview mode.  Bypasses standard Google Maps API call, instead force-loading the maps via a manual JavaScript call.  This is against Google Maps API best practices.

The Not-As-Naughty List

These are the themes and plugins with known problems that do not break outright but will “misfire” with the right combination of settings:


Clean Simple White by Mazznoer

Version 1.3.   Not checking named array indexes exist before testing.

 Undefined index: page in 
on line 69

iRibbon, CyberChimps

Deprecated functions.  Does not properly load JavaScript in some configurations.

Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in 
on line 307