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Videos and SLP 3.9.6

Two quick announcements.

SLP 3.9.4/3.9.5 Bug

First, and most important, I am testing Store Locator Plus 3.9.6. A significant bug was found today that breaks the WordPress add new plugins system when any of the add-on packs are enabled. This has been fixed and is being tested now. This patch will be out tonight or first thing tomorrow at the latest. WordPress is caching the bad plugin data and it may take up to 12 hours for the bad data to clear your system after installing SLP 3.9.6. You can clear out the poptags transient in the wp_options table, but if you do it wrong you can break your system. If you are comfortable with manipulating the WordPress options table there is a forum post with the specific.


Second, and far less important, is just to let people know that I’ve been recording some very rudimentary videos on Store Locator Plus.  You fill find these videos scattered on pages throughout the site.   Hopefully in places where they make sense… at least to me.

With any luck, my video skills will improve over time and the videos will be less painful and less boring (maybe) to watch. For now I’m focusing on test runs, DevGru stuff for 3rd party add-on developers, and basic features. However it may be useful to new customers that are just starting to explore the product. As I get better at this video thing I’ll post more advanced topics. I’m also going to try to post a few videos every month… more often if time allows. If you have a suggestion for a “how do I do this?” video, please let me know.

I’m also open to any suggestions on how to make “using software” videos less boring.    Light the monitor on fire and try to finish the video before it melts?   That would require an external camera versus the screen cast setup… but I bet it would get more views on YouTube!

Back to testing…