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Better Upgrade System With Locator

Store Locator Plus 4.2.50 includes further refinements to the inline upgrade system for the premium add-on packs.  In rare instances the WordPress Core update engine would pass in the plugin slug directly using a different client-side variable name.  This would cause the update engine to query the Store Locator Plus update system on the distribution server with the incorrect plugin slug.   The issue was related to how the query was performed.  The automatic updates were often correct, but users that manually checked for updates, then went to the “view details” page would often get erroneous data back to their installation.  This was especially problematic for sites using two or more premium add-on packs for Store Locator Plus.    The latest iteration of the update system provides the recently-updated distribution server with the proper plugin data thus allowing the version and download files to be retrieved when an update is available.    This is not a common occurrence, but one-in-one-hundred sites would receive multiple update notices for add-on packs that would not download and install automatically.

SLP 4.2.50 Apostrophe Search
SLP 4.2.50 Apostrophe Search

A smaller issue on the Manage Locations page was also patched in this release.   Users can now search for locations that contain an apostrophe or other special character without having the search entry truncated at the apostrophe.

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