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Store Locator Plus 3.11.15 Patch

A quick patch today for Store Locator Plus.   After receiving several messages this afternoon about people upgrading from much older versions and “losing their map markers” I realized the arrow.png and marker.png map icons were dropped from the product some time ago without replacing them with newer icons.

While I personally think those markers are hideous, some people want things to never change and don’t agree with my thoughts on design.  Fair enough, I’m certainly not a user interface expert.

Version 3.11.15 brings those graphics back, hopefully eliminating at least one of the pain points when upgrading the plugin.

The other patches?   Hopefully resolving the stripslashes expects a string warning and a less prominent “locationID” index not set warning.

There are no functional changes in this release.

Work continues on the Store Locator Plus 4.0 release.   I’ll post more updates on that soon.  I am currently working on overhauling the “info bubble” that shows up when people click on a map marker.    The new release of Enhanced Map will allow the contents to be completely manipulated via the admin panel, following a format similar to the newer “Enhanced Results shortcodes” for changing the output below the map.   Videos and commentary will be posted as I get that feature closer to “fully baked”.