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WordPress Visitor Stats with Jetpack

I continually play with technology, learning new things as I go.  It helps me keep up with current technology trends while improving my site and my services.   Sometimes I follow paths that are dead ends.  Other times I find hidden gems.   Last month I found a gem while debugging plugin issues posted in the support forums.     Jetpack by Automattic, the driving force behind WordPress.    Jetpack has a lot of very cool features to enhance your WordPress site functionality, market reach, and your insight into what is going on.

Today I discovered that with a simple click of a button on the JetPack admin panel you can turn on site stats.  Not only can you enable a quick visitor graph on the dashboard, but there is a detail summary available via a hyperlink on the Jetpack dashboard that will show you Google Analytics-like reports about who visited your site, where they are from, referral points, and more.  While it is not as sophisticated as Google Analytics, for most site administrators the information presented is all that is needed.   Given the “click one button and you’re done” installation, this is a GREAT solution for WordPress site admins to track stats.     It also means one less third party site & service to chase down when you want to pull reports.

Once again the folks at Automattic pull off a winner and once again I find more things I want to emulate in my own plugins.   Good job guys, good job!

Here is an example detailed stats page from my site:


WordPress Jetpack Stats Example
WordPress Jetpack Stats Example