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Daily Update : Store Locator Plus 3.10.3

Store Locator Plus 3.10.3

A new patch was issued for Store Locator Plus that fixes the editing of the Fax number field. The 3.10.X releases up to this point were erroneously pulling in and displaying the phone number data in the fax field on the edit page. This has been addressed, restoring the edit feature for the fax field.

Enterprise Subscriptions

I’ve spent some time in the past couple of days investigating the implementation of the Enterprise Subscription and paid upgrades functionality. It turns out that it is a much larger task than anticipated due to the limited (non-existent) hooks in the WooCommerce Software and Subscriptions add-on packs. I need to make a decision on whether it is more prudent to write my own custom product add-on for WooCommerce, try to get connected with the Woo Team and help them augment their offering, scrap WooCommerce in favor of an alternative, or drop the Enterprise Subscription idea completely.

Unfortunately the once-stellar documentation on the WooCommerce Codex has become a nightmare to navigate since their site revamp. There are dozens of broken links, missing pages, and most troublesome is the lack of documentation online or within the code. Maybe it is time to investigate other software store options. Does anyone have eCommerce recommendations for selling software like Store Locator Plus or the add-on packs via WordPress? I know of a lot of options but none are available with a software-specific feature set that I’m aware of.

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Software, Reborn

A month of turmoil.    That pretty much sums up August.

September is a month of rebuilding.    Slowly, but steadily, I am getting back to the things I love.  Coding.  Websites.   Creating.

Hopefully by the time October rolls around the dust will have settled and routine product updates will be rolling along again.  Cool new features on existing products will start to come out more frequently.    New products will come out, and overall things will improve for everyone.    It will take a while to clean up some messes and to extract the knowledge we need from the old Cyber Sprocket environment over to our new home.   But it will happen.

Before long you should be seeing new things coming your way to help make your website even cooler.     In the meantime please bear with us and keep your feedback and suggestions coming.