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SLP add-ons by DeBaat: Updated Extended Data Manager 4.4 and Social Media Extender 4.4

Third Party 520x520

The Extended Data Manager and Social Media Extender are  Third Party add-ons  by DeBaat. Both have  been updated to version 4.4 The newest feature of EDM is the ability to add a “help text” input field and the display type of the data field (Boolean, text, integer, icon, image). The EDM add-on is a useful tool for the site administrators allowing them to further customize the Store Locator Plus Locations info.

For more information on Store Locator Plus features, settings,  and other useful tips  watch the tutorial videos on the new Store Locator Plus You Tube channell.

Change Log for Extended Data Manager

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Store Locator Plus version 4.4.05 , map domains, new add-on development , and Freemius feedback options

SLP version 4.4 had been undergoing testing and is now in production mode as 4.4.05 for download.


  • SLP 4.4 is compatible with all of the 4.3 add-ons
  • Changes were made to the way the query to the Google maps global router server were done. SLP 4.3 versions were using what Google suggested to determine the map queries.
    Croc farm

    For instance, if you had selected from the Map drop down choices, the map domain” Australia” you would expect a search for Melbourne to look in the Australia map for Melbourne, Australia. With the 4.3 version update, the map server was going to the central, or global router to direct to the Google Map servers instead of to the map domain selected in SLP. A video explains what changed and how it is now working

  • An optional “Freemius” system which is a tool to provide Store Locator Plus feedback as to why you deactivated the base plug-in. This will enable SLP to make improvements and catch issues early on. The benefit to the SLP plug-in users s that they are not required to register in the forum to report SLP as “not working.

For an overview of the SLP 4.4 upgrade please watch the Store Locator Plus short video, with some Pre-release news on the up and coming “Experience bundle” that will be offered as a compatible add-on to the new and improved 4.4 plugins. A faster, lighter, and more efficient experience is on its way!

Change Log for SLP

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SLP 4.3.24 fixes “hide info bubble”, Enhanced Map 4.3.01, and Word Press USA conference

WP camp US 2015 Philly

Store Locator Plus

SLP version 4.3.24 has been released with minor bug fix. It was reported that the “Hide Info Bubble” under Enhanced Map was not working properly. SLP 4.3.24 has patched that bug.

Enhanced Map 4.3.01

EM 4.3.01 provides better plugin management upon loading.

  • Fix: typo in help text on map settings.
  • Change: More efficient code-loading sequence with Store Locator Plus

Follow Lance on Twitter @LanceCleveland
Use Twitter to find out where he’ll be while attending WP USA Word Camp Philadelphia through December 7th and/or to request a time to discuss any Store Locator Plus topics.

"....someone went without me and all I got was a t-shirt..."
“….someone went without me and all I got was a t-shirt…”


He may be at one of the below venues!

Philly cheese steak trials by Lance
Philly cheese steak trials by Lance

Wheres Lance
Wheres Lance
and...wheres mine?
and…wheres mine?

Change Log for SLP

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Store Locator Plus Updates 2013-Oct-21

The following updates have been made since the last patch release of Store Locator Plus 4 and the related add-on packs.

Store Locator Plus 4.0.026

A full-featured location management system for your WordPress site. This plugin will add location search and mapping to your site. Place a shortcode on any page to display the search form, map, and location listings. Premium add-ons extend the feature set in an ala-carte fashion. Select only those add-on packs you need to build on the base plugin.

The Store Locator Plus v4.0.026 issue list can be found at BitBucket.

  • Enhancement: Make lat,lon in manage locations header translatable.
  • Enhancement: Make ‘draft’ on page default status text translatable.
  • Enhancement: Prepare base plugin for upcoming Extendo add-on.
  • Fix: Apostrophe escape on location add message.

Enhanced Map 4.0.010

The Enhanced Map add-on pack provides more control over the map element of the locator user interface. The goal of Enhanced Map is to provide admin settings that make it easier to change the look and feel of the map enabling a custom user experience with minimal effort.
The Enhanced Map v4.0.010 issue list can be found at BitBucket.
  • No change.

Enhanced Results 4.0.009

The Enhanced Results add-on pack provides more control over the location results in the locator user interface. The goal of Enhanced Results is to provide admin settings that make it easier to change the look and feel of the map enabling a custom user experience with minimal effort.

  • No change.

Enhanced Search 4.0.013

Enhanced Search provides more control over the search form on the locator user interface. The goal of Enhanced Search is to provide admin settings that make it easier to change the look and feel of the search form, enabling a custom user experience with minimal effort.

  • No change.

Store Pages 4.0.012

Store Pages creates custom SEO friendly web pages based on your location content. Modify the base page template and build new pages or modify existing pages in seconds.

  • No change.

Pro Pack 4.0.012

Pro Pack extends the basic feature set of the Store Locator Plus 4 plugin adding location management tools for websites that provide location search for dozens to thousands of locations. From bulk import and export tools to location search reports, the Pro Pack turns the basic Store Locator Plus WordPress Plugin into a enterprise location management tool.

  • No change.

Tagalong 4.0.013

Tagalong adds managed categories to the Store Locator Plus locations. The managed categories allow for custom per-category map markers and icons which can be enabled on the map interface and in the search results for your locations.

  • Fix: Fix error when tag category info is blank, stopping map search on some sites when Tagalong is active.
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Store Locator Plus Upgrade Coupons Active

Plugins V4 V3 and Docs Banner

Store Locator Plus 4 will be going into production soon.    In preparation for this release the upgrade coupons have been made available.   Coupons are only available for customers who have purchased Store Locator Plus premium add-on packs with in the past year.  The following coupons are now available for the Store Locator Plus 4 add-on packs:

100% off coupon for users that purchased an add-on pack within the past 30 days.

75% off coupon for users that purchased an add-on pack within the past 365 days.

  • To see the coupon codes or to use the coupons you must be logged in to your Charleston Software Associates account.

  • Go to the Store Locator Plus 4 version of your add-on pack.
    You will see the coupon codes you are eligible to receive.
    You must have an active purchase (not refunded and not a complimentary download) within the time period specified and for the same add-on pack you are trying to upgrade.

The coupons are a rolling window.  Thus you will want to use the add-on packs before they expire.  The expiration date is based on your original purchase date for the add-on pack.

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SLP4 and Add On Packs Entering Beta

Store Locator Plus 4 and all of the add-on packs will be going into formal beta release tomorrow.   At this point all features in the product are frozen.    The next 4 weeks will be spent on fixing bugs and making minor non-functional adjustments to the base plugin and all CSA derived add-on packs.

Getting On The Beta Test Group

I am still accepting people into the SLP4 beta program.

To qualify for the program you…

  • Purchased a premium add-on within the past 12 months.
  • Have a test/staging server for your WordPress site.
  • Know how to check error logs and provide details on any problems you encounter.
  • Can describe how to reproduce a problem in a step-by-step fashion.
  • Can perform testing over the next 30 days.

If you meet these criteria you can get the SLP4 versions of the base plugin and the add-on packs by using the MailChimp sign up form and filling out these details:

  • Your CSA order number for the premium products.
  • Your first and last name for the mailing list.
  • Your email address to be used on the MailChimp mailing list.

Anyone that signs up in the first week of testing and is accepted to the program will be given access to all of the SLP4 add-on packs in beta format.    Participating in the beta program does NOT grant you free access to the final production release of the add-on packs.     Store Locator Plus 4 add-on packs will be paid upgrades when the final release is completed.

Beta Group Communication

I anticipate sending an email sometime before 7PM EST (UTC-5) to the private SLP4 Beta Test Group mailing list.  It will have basic information on the program, how to communicate with the beta test group, and include the downloadable zip files for the SLP4 base plugin and add-on packs.

If  have been approved as a Beta Test Group member but do not get your email tomorrow evening please contact me.   Make sure you check your spam folder first.

Primary communication including reporting of issues will be via the Beta Test Forum.  Please use that method of communication so others in the Beta Test Group can see any known issues.  This will help reduce duplicate issue reports.

SLP4 Upgrade Fees

Anyone that has purchased a premium add-on pack within 12 months of purchasing the SLP4 production release will be given a 75% discount.    Purchases of add-on packs made within 30 days of the final production release will be allowed to upgrade to the SLP4 version at no cost.  I will also be giving out free upgrades including at least one Kitchen Sink Version 4 package to the most active beta test group members.   

The current target release for SLP4 and the add-on packs is early October.