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Enhanced Search 1.0 Drop Down Placement

After spending another day on the search form customization that is coming as part of the Enhanced Search 1.0 release, I added the ability to place the various drop-down selectors for City, State, and Country to the feature set.    They also get new labels that can be set via the admin panel.   These settings retain the show/hide checkbox for each of the drop down items as well.     While there is still some minor formatting issues to resolve, the new search form customization should make it far easier for web designers to get a lot closer to the exact look-and-feel they are aiming for with their map and locator interface.


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Enhanced Search 1.0 R&D – Search Layout

Enhanced Search Banner

Over the past few days I’ve been working on a new feature that allows a user to update the search form layout using a customization entry box. The new setting will appear in Enhanced Search 1.0. It allows basic HTML as well as a Search Layout specific slp_search shortcode.

This makes it far easier to add lead-in text, move the address input, radius selection, and submit button on the search form. You can also wrap elements in divs, put them in tables, and assign HTML ids or classes that better fit your site theme. It also means you can easily bypass the legacy table + div + span layout that has been passed down between the various Store Locator Plus generations. You can now take over the entire search form. The only control Store Locator Plus retains is wrapping the entire input in a form HTML element to facilitate communication with the JavaScript processor that launches the back-end JSONP queries to fetch location data.

You can see the upcoming Enhanced Search release in the following intro video: