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weaken … XS version of Scalar::Util

weaken is only available with the XS version of Scalar::Util

Every time we upgrade Perl on our CentOS box we get this message.  The fix is very simple .  Re-install Scalar::Util via CPAN.  For some reason the bindings are not updated and the proper version needs to be re-registered with the Perl modules directory.

The command sequence you need to run to restore the Scalar::Util functionality is..

> force install Scalar::Util

The simple command line cpan -i Scalar::Util will not do the trick.  If you already have Scalar::Util installed this command will skip the installation telling you so.

You will also find references online to needing to install perl-Task-Weaken.  That did nothing for us.

Since this is the third time this has happened on our development server running CentOS 5, we figured we’d post it here and maybe help someone else out.  If nothing else we’ll remember what we did in 10 less Google searches next time around!