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Revert To Older Versions of WordPress Plugins

Occasionally we need to revert to a previous version of a plugin when the latest patch or update does not work properly, has conflicts with a theme or other plugin, or has changed so drastically we just want to go back to the version we had before.

Luckily, any plugin that is listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory has a developer tab where all the prior releases are available for download.    If the tab is missing because the plugin has extra sections in their readme file you can modify the URL by going to the main plugin listing in the WordPress directory and changing the URL ending.

Here is the URL for Store Locator Plus:

For any plugin strip off anything that appears after the shortcode name of the plugin (store-locator-le in this case) and add /developers/ to the end.

You should see a page similar to this:

SLP Previous Versions
SLP Previous Versions

Under “Other Versions” you can click on the version ID and download the installable zip file.

To revert, go to your site admin page, go to the plugin list and do this:

  • Deactivate the plugin you want to revert.
  • Delete the plugin (most will retain data & settings, including SLP).
  • Click the “add new” plugin link.
  • Click the “upload” link.
  • Upload the zip file for the prior release.
  • Activate.

That should get you back to the prior version.

And remember these tenants of site management:

  • BACKUP YOUR SITE – that means the database and files in the directories.   Database backups take an extra step. Consider using a backup plugin.
  • READ ABOUT UPDATES – don’t install blindly.  Know what is in the update and decide if you need to update.
  • KNOW YOUR STUFF – if you are updating make sure you know what your current release version is, key settings, user IDs and password… anything you may need to revert to a prior release.