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Daily Update : Woocommerce Plugins + SLP Updates

It has been a crazy couple of weeks between multiple coding projects, private consults, and the school year-end mayhem on the home front.   Here is what I’ve been working on when I’ve found some free coding time.

Woocommerce Premium Plugin System

My primary focus has been on this project.

Work continues on my WooCommerce add-on pack that will keep track of specific product versions ordered.  The plugin will help maintain easier access to prior release versions for each add-on pack.  It also provides a mechanism that will allow store owners to choose whether or not to charge an upgrade fee when new feature releases come out.    I will be using this feature to provide free patches on the various products while charging upgrade fees when there are features added to products.  This is also the base system needed to manage the Enterprise Subscription model that I hope to release this summer.

This add-on for WooCommerce will provide the funding mechanism necessary to accelerate new feature development across the entire line of plugins, especially Store Locator Plus.

Tagalong Updates

This will be my main focus over the next few days.

This week I will be spending time cleaning up some Tagalong bugs that have been reported.   I hope to have a Tagalong patch release out later this week.

Pro Pack Update

There is a minor update to Pro Pack in the works, basically code cleaning that I stumbled across while doing some debugging.    Along the way I added a new feature to Pro Pack that allows you to enter an address in a separate box on the Pro Pack tab and get back the lat/long for that address.    I’m not sure if anyone will find it useful, but it saves me time debugging other sites as I can quickly check if a given address will return the lat/long I am expecting from Google.   If it saves me time from having to go and use third party lat/long location tools, someone else might find it useful as well.   It will be a feature in the next release of the Pro Pack.

New Restaurants Iconset

I have been building a new “Restaurant Icon Set” that will be available sometime in the near future.   I needed a place to store new icons for testing with Tagalong but did not want to clutter the base plugin.   The icon set add-on system was designed a long time ago but I’ve never really done much with it outside of the original “Google Old School” icons I used for testing.   Since creating a new icon set add-on takes less than 20 minutes I decided that was the best place to store the new icons.   More icons means better images for screen shots and videos, which is something I am always looking to improve on the marketing side of things.