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Premier : Prerelease of Store Locator Plus, Social Media Extender

Amalfis with Social Media Icons

Premier Members have access to the  prerelease copies of the following plugins as published on the downloads page (you must be logged in with your Premier account to access this page):

Store Locator Plus 4.1.11

Testing begins today.  If all goes well the product will be published on the WordPress Plugin Directory and on this site in the next 24 hours.

* Fix: Fix the help screen hyperlinks.
* Fix: Update the select state list option to show states with no lat/long.
* Fix: Force Load JavaScript now stays checked when changing other map options.
* Fix: Force mime type to on files ending with .csv to text/csv.
* Fix: Update WooMemorable theme to handle the Tagalong CSS cascade feature.
* Fix: Pagination in Locations/Manage next page and page numbers retain search filters.
* Enhancement: Update the data interface engine to work with WordPress 3.9 prepare statement updates.
* Enhancement: New Twenty Fourteen Rev 01 Advanced Theme that better fits with the WP Twenty Fourteen theme.
* Enhancement: Added Portuguese Brazil translation.

A new SLP Theme: Twenty Fourteen Rev 01
A new SLP Theme: Twenty Fourteen Rev 01

Social Media Extender 4.1.004

Social Media Extender is a new add-on pack being produced by DeBaat, the same author that created User Managed Locations.    The new add-on pack makes it easy to add social media links to the Store Locator Plus locations.    It is a two-part system that includes a “social media manager” that allows you to add a variety of social media sites.  It starts pre-loaded with Facebook and Twitter as the two base social platforms.    The other part of the system is the location editor interface which allows location-specific URLs to be added so each location can link to its own social media page.

A product page and documentation page will be published on this site over the next 24-48 hours.

We are working on a minor patch and the documentation.  As soon as we finish both, hopefully within 48 hours or less, the new Social Media Extender will be available to the general public.  You can get  a prerelease copy via the Downloads page.

Social Media Extender - social site management
Social Media Extender – social site management
Social Media extended location fields
Social Media extended location fields (with Contact Extender and Enhanced Results)
Social Media Extender Results with Icon Array Enabled
Social Media Extender Results with Icon Array Enabled
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Premier : Pages, Tagalong, UML Release Candidates

In relation to the Bug Fixes post made earlier this evening, here are the latest release candidates for the plugins noted.

Store Pages 4.1 Alpha Release

This is still in development.  It fixes the extended data bug, however more work is underway on feature updates and patches for other bugs that have been reported.    It appears to be stable but is not the final release.

Tagalong 4.1 Release Candidate 2

This has been tested several times and is stable.    The data extension patch was made tonight which warrants another full test run.    Testing will happen tomorrow along with several client site reviews.  If all goes well this should be the final production release launched to the public later this week.

User Managed Locations 4.1.05 Release Candidate

This has the data extension patch and has been sent to the author for final updates and approval.  Once the version number is updated and his patches are in place it will be tested and released.   A public release is expected later this week.