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WordPress 3.6 Testing and QuotePress

I found a bug in WordPress Core while installing Debug Bar tonight.  It is actually a bug I’ve seen a few times in the past month but ignored mostly because it did not impact my plugins.   However I decided I’d go looking “under the covers” this time around versus ignoring a warning message I’ve been seeing regularly.

My WordPress Core Patch

I found the problem, a class that extends the base upgrade class in WordPress was not using the same parameter list as the parent.  Thus PHP throws out warnings about that sort of thing when you are running in strict mode.   Not a critical bug, but something that will dump extra lines into log files on servers running strict mode.  I don’t like that sort of thing as it is a performance hit while the server runs the disc I/O to write the warning to log.  Luckily this only happens when installing or upgrading plugins, so it is not going to be an “on every page load” issue.

However, while submitting the bug I decided I might as well submit the patch.   A few extra characters in 4 lines makes the warning go away.  Small. Simple.  Easy to explain.  Good candidate for a patch.    However, to submit the patch you need to grab the latest code from trunk and run the diff on that, NOT the production 3.5.1 release that I am developing my plugins with.     So I grab 3.6 and write the patch and submit it with my ticket.

We’ll see if they accept the patch, but I think it would be cool to think a little bit of code I wrote were to live in WordPress core.

My WordPress 3.6 Experiment

OK… so I have 3.6 on my server in a new directory.    I decide to point a local host name (wpdev) over to my 3.6 setup, while keeping 3.5.1 intact.  Both to test my new patch and to see what the guys (and gals) over at WordPress have in store for us in the next month or so.     Turns out A LOT.

The base theme is quite different from many of the past iterations.  I’m not sure if I like it yet, but it certainly makes you think about the user experience (UX) in a different way.

WordPress 3.6 preview
WordPress 3.6 preview

However the other big thing I noticed right away is how different the default edit post screen is with the new version.   There is a series of tabs across the top of the page that puts a lot more emphasis on the different object types that WordPress supports.    It includes these defaults:

  • Standard
  • Aside
  • Chat
  • Gallery
  • Link
  • Image
  • Quote
  • Status
  • Video
  • Audio
WordPress 3.6 Post Edit Screen
WordPress 3.6 Post Edit Screen

I also noticed the “list posts” page now has a column telling you what type of post it is.

I guess my thoughts of moving Store Locator Plus locations from a custom database table to a 100% custom post type structure for SLP version 4.0 is the right move.  It will let me completely integrate locations into the UX that WordPress appears to be heading for.    Think “locations” added to that list of other built-in support types with nearly infinite extensibility.  Coolness.

Bye Bye QuotePress

However, one thing that is certain.   The QuotePress project I brought over from Cyber Sprocket just to give it a “home”… that is pretty much dead with the arrival of WordPress 3.6.    That plugin is rudimentary and adds nothing  special beyond what WordPress has not built in.

I’m not sad about that though.  The plugin has been ignored and is in need of care and I have a TON of features and updates to do for both Store Locator Plus and the MoneyPress Master Edition that I can’t seem to get enough time for.

I’m liking where WordPress is going and what the core team is doing over there.   Can’t wait for 3.6 to roll out.  Now to test my plugin and some of my tools with the new WordPress codebase…


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