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Store Locator Plus 13-Dec-2014 Status Report

Until I figure out a better way to get frequent update reports out of the new Slack Channel into a WordPress post (yes, it can be done with a plugin and an API but I’m sort of busy with a bazillion Store Locator Plus updates at the moment) I’m doing it manually. Here is the past couple of days of work.

Yesterday December 12th, 2014 -----
BitBucket [12:10 PM] 
[Store Locator Plus/prerelease] 00ba08a709e6: Fix the single quotes problem in the WP 4.0.1 render engine. Broke onChange for drop down menus.
- Lance Cleveland
incoming-webhook [12:25 PM] 
New bbPress Update
Can you post a KML file example. That capability is not built-in but could be added to the Pro Pack on a future build if the data is easy to parse.
BitBucket [12:33 PM] 
[Store Locator Plus/prerelease] 611335cf233e: Note the quotes fix in the readme.
- Lance Cleveland
BitBucket [12:33 PM]
[Store Locator Plus/] -
lance.cleveland [12:35 PM] 
Just put SLP 4.2.18 into prerelease. Turns out a WP 4.0.X patch broke the drop down menu processors due to a change in how pages render single quotes. So much for WP being fully backward compatible. A lot of plugins have broken including CVG, my video manager on the CSA site!
incoming-webhook [12:43 PM] 
New bbPress Update
Enhanced Search allows for a state drop down selector that can be an input box or drop down selector.
incoming-webhook [2:12 PM] 
New bbPress Update
Yes the selector box shows up and I am able to select the categories. But after clicking filter the results still show both categories.
----- Today December 13th, 2014 -----
incoming-webhook [2:14 PM] 
New bbPress Update
Under User Experience / Results set your "show tags in output" to something other than hidden. For backwards compatibility is defaults to "hidden".
lance.cleveland [3:05 PM] 
Finally - Pro Pack immediate CSV imports works when a scheduled import is present. What a PAIN.
lance.cleveland [3:05 PM]
Now to make some more robust testing for SLP 4.2.18 and PRO 4.2.03 , re-run tests on both, release SLP 4.2.18, and publish both products by Monday. Fingers crossed!