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Store Locator Plus Releases Four Prerelease Updates

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Store Locator Plus and several of the Store Locator Plus add-on packs have had new prerelease software patches published today.    Premier Members can get any of the prerelease products from the downloads page on the Charleston Software Associates website.   Non-premier members can obtain the prerelease version of any product that they purchased from the CSA website by logging into their account and checking the downloads section.    Please note that prerelease software is not fully tested and should not be used on production systems.

The following updates are included in the patches released today.   Production release of each add-on are anticipated by this time next week.

Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus has a significant memory leak patch.    The new add-on pack manager introduced in version 4.2 consumes far more memory than necessary prior to the 4.2.09 patch release.  The new release fixes the memory leak.    The new release also has built-in support for Google Maps for Work API connections.  Google Maps for Work APIs are an enterprise-class service that is licensed directly from Google.  Pricing starts at $17,500 per year and is negotiated directly with Google.   Clients that have a license will be able to take advantage of faster maps loading, faster geocoding, and much higher location encoding limits.    A new Charleston Software Associates service is in the planning and early development stages to allow users to access the CSA enterprise license to speed up location geocoding for an additional fee.   Watch the News & Info section on the CSA for future service announcements.

Enhanced Map

The Enhanced Map add-on was not registering its installed version properly with the base plugin.   This has been resolved.    The plugin now queries the CSA server for available update patches as part of the standard WordPress update check service.


Tagalong has been updated to use the SLP 4.2 add-on framework.   A new per-category URL is included to link icons to a specific web location.   A per-category rank is available to select which category takes precedence in the map marker selection.   A location export patch has been added to fix a problem introduced in the Tagalong 4.2 prerelease that broke location exports.

Pro Pack

The Pro Pack has some in-progress updates for processing location CSV imports.   A new remote URL fetching option is available to load a CSV file in the proper SLP format from a remote server without having to do a standard file upload.    A background, WordPress cron job, file processing option is in development but not yet finished in the current prerelease.  The background processing is expected to be complete when the Pro Pack is released to production.  A new prerelease version with this feature is anticipated to be released before final production.