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Store Locator Plus 4.2 Preview

Store Locator Plus 4.2 prerelease has been published for Premier Subscription members.   The prerelease passed baseline testing today as part of the first stage of testing for possible production later this week.

Store Locator Plus 4.2 does not have a lot of new features that you will notice on the surface.  It does, however, have several bug fixes and a new set of features that enhance stability and interoperability of future add-on pack releases.   The new Directory Builder and Location Extender already take full advantage of the new add-on pack interface in the base plugin.    Other add-on packs will eventually be upgraded to use the new 4.2 add-on interface.     From the user perspective nothing should change, but from the “Store Locator Plus engine” the new interface will be more consistent, take less memory, and cause fewer issues when layering on the add-on packs.

Directory City List Link With Count

[box type=”alert”]Please make sure you have upgraded Pro Pack and Janitor to the latest 4.1.XX release BEFORE upgrading to the SLP 4.2 prerelease.[/box]

What are some of the features you may notice in 4.2?

  • A couple of new SLP Themes and some upgrades to existing SLP themes.
  • Extended Data fields will now initialize and render properly on Store Pages and in standard results.

SLP 4.2 Details