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Find Your Android Phone With Play Store

Lost your Android phone somewhere in your house, car, friends house or other undisclosed location and cannot find it? Not that I’ve EVER done such a thing, but I did stumble upon a feature in the Google Play Store that I never knew existed…

Geolocate and RING PHONE.

Android Find Phone
Android Find Phone

Where is this feature hidden?

Right out in the open on Google Play.

Surf to

If you are not already logged into your account, log in to the same account you use to setup and sync your Play Store apps on your Android device.

When signed in you will see the settings icon, a gear in the top right corner of the page.   Click on that and choose “Android Device Manager”.

Google Play Android Device Manager
Google Play Android Device Manager

Google will ping your device, get the GPS location, show it on the map and give you an option to ring the phone at full volume for 5 minutes.

If the battery is dead you are on your own.

At least you don’t have to borrow a friends phone to ring your cell… though you may need to borrow their computer to surf to the Google Play Store!