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Release Updates: Store Locator Plus 4.4.34, Pages 4.4.07, and Extended Data Manager 4.4.02


Store Locator Plus 4.4.34


  • Added: a new feature to Reset (not to be confused with REST) your locations display under the General Admin tab without having to load Janitor to fix the _option_nojs admin locations per page.
  • Fixed: the “SLP did not send back a valid JSONP response” error message. This bug was discovered when a Premier customer had a combination of settings in the radii options under the experience/ search along with some other check boxes.
  • Updated: to accomodate REST API v2

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Release Updates: SLP 4.4.30, Pages 4.4.06, and Pro Pack 4.4.04

Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus developers have been busy with a lot of coding to prepare for the transition to a better and, hopefully, smoother internationalization and language translation process with add-ons and/or updates to the base plug-in. Translation files will no longer need to be 100% updated and accurate to prevent the settings strings from “dropping off”. This is the first iteration of several that will slowly convert all admin settings to be language “neutral”. The release also includes some minor performance improvements and an update to the German language file thanks to one of our Store Locator Plus customers. Tutorial and informational videos (on this release as well as “How to” instructional videos) can be viewed on the Store Locator Plus YouTube channel.

Pro Pack v 4.4.04

Pro Pack has also been updated to address two known issues. The first issue that may not be apparent to many users was found in the Pro Pack Reports. Pro Pack Reports were creating duplicate indexes.That has been patched. The second issue that was reported was with remote import functions set for a chronological upload. The schedule import time has to be set to seconds not the top of the hour, (NOT a time like 14:00 as noted in the help text). The help text in Pro Pack has been fixed to clarify.

Import CRON
Import CRON

Pages v 4.4.06

A bug was found in a past Pages release causing Pages to reset the custom Page templates and also resetting them back to draft whenever locations or other info in your location database was changed. That has been patched in 4.4.06

As a side note, if you missed the 2016 Future Forward announcement, both Pages and Pro Pack will be included in the new Power add-on, estimated to be ready for production in April 2016.

The technical background for Pro Pack release notes, Pages release notes and Store Locator Plus 4.4.30 are explained in the below videos

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Store Locator PLUS 4.4.23 and SLP add-on Pages 4.4.03 patches and updates

SLP v 4.4.23

As you may have noticed there was no blog about the Store Locator Plus  versions 4.4. 21. The skipped versions never made it to production release due to a test fail and a few  last minute changes to the base plugin addressing special characters in the mouse-over appearing as html script.  If you have the Pages add-on, you must update the base SLP plugin to 4.4.23 that implements the REST route to be used for advanced features.

Highlights on the updates (see release notes for more information):

  • Settings under the SLP General Tab would not save the deletion of Google API. This would have impacted multiple options that could no longer be set to their default, (blank) in some cases.
  • Fixed the disappearing act of the ? “help text” in the UI
  • Changed the appearance of the User Interface
  • Fixed the display of the ampersand and apostrophes in the hover mode
  • Introduced REST routes (more in release notes and the technical voodoo to be explained in upcoming blog,video for the uber-technical

Pages v. 4.4.02

Store Pages Logo
Store Pages
    • A latent error that stopped displaying the Map on the Store Pages with the short code storepage map =location  has been patched.
    • An error that caused the repeating of the first location when in a custom post types loop has been fixed.

    • Store Locator Plus You Tube channel.

      Change Log for SLP

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Store Locator Plus Version 4.4.10 fixes the JavaScript error for Pages add-on


Store Locator Plus version 4.4.10

Recent updates to Store Locator Plus 4 have fixed a minor bug that effected the way the Pages add-on shortcode was rendering.

Another feature some of the users and/or administrators were inquiring about is the registry to participate in the Freemius survey feature. Yes, this is still the same author, developer and product. Even if you have registered, you can bypass the survey questions, or opt out. We understand some users are testing and deactivating the plugin and then reinstalling or re-activating SLP 4 to a newer version. You can still select the deactivate button at the bottom of the short survey without adding a reason but we sure would appreciate it if you could share any relevant information about how the plug-in is working for you, even if you are just testing. This allows Store Locator Plus developer to be proactive and improve the plug-in as well as get suggestions for new features.

The new Experience Add-on was published today. Read the latest info and news post and check out the short video.

Next up: The new Power add-on to be released later this month. Stay tuned. Subscriptions 520x520

Change Log for SLP

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Pages Add-on to Store Locator Plus is in Pre-release 4.3.01: Patches and a new Default Template

NewtonsPrincipia“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


We have seen a lot of posts in the forum about (Store) Pages being broken. There were two main ingredients that impacted this and they have been fixed in Pages 4.3.01, currently in pre-release status and available for download. Please note that this is stable but considered as in test status. You can find it in your account under download pre-releases to be tested on your dev site or test site.

If you cannot wait and want to test on your production site, please, as always, FIRST back-up your production site and save your settings in another location.

Store Locator Plus 4.3.13 is also in pre-release. You will need to update both for the below patches to take effect. As mentioned, testing has passed on SLP’s test sites and are considered stable. Given the fact that there are a lot of combinations of other plug-ins, themes, WP versions that could effect how it works on your site, SLP would appreciate anyone in the SLP community to also test and report back by email or in the forums.

The Major Issues that were reported in Pages 4.3

Issue #1: Check boxes on the Pages Tab, such as “Pages replace websites” was not saving. This has been fixed with 4.3.12 and Pages 4.3.01.

Issue #2: Page Templates were not working the way they used to. The fix for this is a little more complicated and requires some work on the administrators part. Most people will need their templates to be replaced.  The process is simple *if* people are using  or want-to-use the default page template.  The default values under Initial Page Features /Pages / Page Template… just delete/erase it so it is blank, save settings, and the default settings should fill in and  now replace what was there earlier. Next step once the page template is set back to default, go to Locations/Manage and look for “Create/recreate Pages” under the bulk actions menu. Yes, you need to check off the boxes for all locations to recreate the page.


Default Page Template 4.3.01
Default Page Template 4.3.01

The Explanation

The why behind the new Page Template Layout: The OLD SLP default page template used a combination of standard HTML + shortcodes. That USED TO WORK in the older versions of WordPress. WordPress changed and no longer allow this dichotomy in the plugins. In other words the old page template had lots of HTML and divs like this … [[a href="“mailto:[storepage">…blah…]]

That completely breaks in WordPress 4.3 (actually we believe it was earlier but wasnt apparent until we updated to 4.3 to follow suit)
That is all related to the posts from CiCi about WP 4.2.3 released in July that “WP update Fixed” – If the shortcode content contains HTML code, the TinyMCE View no longer works. #32078 The WP update also effected the Google Maps in iframe (not part of the default template but many people did this as a custom template).

Technical Geek stuff

Blame this on me, I asked and Lance answered.

“How does Store Pages + the Page Template work?”

Pages automatically creates a ton of custom pages on your WordPress site.

It does this by reading each location you put in the locations table and saying “hey, I’m gonna make a page for this”.

That can happen either by having Pages installed and having it auto-create pages on the fly (which it does by default) whenever you import or add a location. OR you can make this happen by going to the locations on Manage Locations and doing the “Create Pages” bulk action (or clicking the create page action icon on each location).

“How does it create a page?”

The code loads in that text in the Page Template setting (the picture above) and pretends to be a user/administrator that chose ‘create store page” under the admin menu, then typed in the stuff in the page template into the content of the page. i.e., a robot typist for you.

However, this robot also does a little “special magic” and scribbles a note in the location data for Store Locator Plus that says “hey, this page I just created it linked to location # X”.

That last part is important… because if a HUMAN actually goes in to Pages in the admin menu and clicks “create page” they usually don’t scribble down that note on the location data and their manually created page just doesn’t work right.

In the meantime, for those people who create their own custom templates, they need to edit the Page Template according to “good WordPress shortcode rules” as they now stand, go to Locations/Manage and create their store pages from the bulk actions there.