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Store Locator Plus Newsletter

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Below is a copy of the first newsletter published this year:


What A Year!

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Yes, I know it is almost MARCH already and the new year isn’t really so new any longer.   A newsletter update has ben long overdue, so let’s get to it…

2013 In Review

First of all a BIG thank-you to all of my Store Locator Plus customers.   Thanks to you, last year was a resounding success.   Store Locator Plus is now running on over 35,000 websites and has over 3,000 registered customers.

Many of you have purchased a premium add-on pack which is greatly appreciated.  It is through your support via these purchases that I can continue to improve the free plugin and the add-on packs.

As many of you know, the BIG change in 2013 was the release of Store Locator Plus 4.    While there has been some “turbulence” due to the incompatibility of that release with the previous add-on packs, the benefits have far outweighed the problems for many customers.    The foundational changes that rendered the older add-on packs incompatible have paved the way for creating more powerful features and new add-on packs as well as some new services that are planned for 2014.

Speaking of 2014…

2014 New and Improved

2014 is kicking off with some new add-on packs and a lot of feature updates for the entire Store Locator Plus product line.   OK, it is true some of these features and add-on packs rolled out at the end of 2013, but that would mess up the simple titles in the newsletter.   In reverse order, here are some of the highlights.

User Managed Locations 4.1, 2014-Feb-19

User Managed Locations, a new add on pack produced by DeBaat, is being launched today. The User Managed Locations add-on pack gives WordPress site administrators the ability to grant location management capabilities to any user on the WordPress site.   Users with location management allowed on their account can add, edit, and delete locations for […]

Janitor 4.1, 2014-Jan-31

Store Locator Plus Janitor, a tool that provides extra administrative features for the Store Locator Plus plugin, was updated to version 4.1 today.  The update works with Store Locator Plus 4.1 to bring a new “reset extended data” option.    The 4.1 release also adds an option to reset a single Store Locator Plus option to […]

Store Locator Plus 4.1, 2014-Jan-29

Store Locator Plus 4.1 has been released this morning. It brings better plugin themes, what I am calling “Advanced Themes” that will make it far easier to implement pre-designed custom looks for the map pages on your site.   Currently there are only two themes setup with the Advanced Themes settings, “Beside Myself” and “Simple […]

Contact Extender 4.1, 2013-Dec-01

For the past two weeks I’ve been doing a LOT of work on a site for a customer, mostly modifying and improving the machinery behind the data extensions in Pro Pack and the new Contact Extender plugin that adds a dozen contact information fields for Store Locator Plus locations. Along the way an sudden and […]

Did You Know?

  • That Store Locator Plus is now WPML compatible…
    This is a new feature with new option strings being added to the compatibility system every release.
  • Store Locator Plus is available in a half-dozen languages…
    Thanks to the work of many contributors the plugin and many add-on packs are now available in Dutch, French, German, and Chinese.   Translate the plugin into your language and you can get add-on packs for free!
  • Advanced Themes can make search and results appear beside the map…
    SLP themes are being updated in each release to take advantage of the SLP4 layout settings available in the Pro Pack, Enhanced Map, Enhanced Results, and Enhanced Search.  Two clicks and you can have a whole new look for your map page.

These are just some of the many new features, tricks and tips, and other information available at the blog.

Follow Along

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