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Changing Network Device Priorities In Vista

My Windows Vista laptop has a strong desire to always connect to the wireless network, even when I’m connected-by-wire at the office.   This is due to the fact that most Windows laptops are setup to use the wireless connection first if there is a wireless signal available.   While I was always able to quickly find this setting in Windows/XP, on Windows Vista it is hidden away in a “advanced menu”.   For some reason I always forget how to find it, thus this blog post serves as my own memory kit.

How To Change Network Priorities In Vista

  • Go to your mange networks settings.
    I like to get there by right-clicking the network icon in the systray & selecting “manage networks”.
    You can also go to the start menu, control panel, network connections
  • Hold down the ALT key, release then click “Advanced Settings…” within a  few seconds.
    This is the “secret sauce” that gets you to the advanced menu.
  • Move around the entries under Adapaters and Bindings (first tab) / Connections (first list box).
    This changes which connection will be served first.

That’s it. Hope these tricks helped you as well.