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WordPress – Enterprise Application Platform

Just this morning I read an email from a technologist at a Global Fortune 500 company.  Turns out that WordPress is not an approved standard for the company and work on their new project, that happens to use my Store Locator Plus product, has been put on hold.    As a C-Level consultant that has provided services for a multitude of companies from small “mom and pop” type operations to international powerhouses, I can understand their trepidation but also had to put in my two-cents on why I thought WordPress should be approved as a web and mobile development platform.  Here is a recap of the message I sent along:

From a c-level perspective WordPress is one of the most solid web deployment platforms there is.    It is not longer just a blog nor just a CMS.   In discussions with Matt on the WordPress dev channels it has become clear that he wants WordPress to be a full web/mobile application development platform.   The core of WordPress will reflect that push.   IMO you cannot choose a better web deployment platform when considering current and future state of the technology.

From a technology perspective the platform is being developed with sound principles behind it.   A fully modular approach to avoid bloat yet be highly customizable.   Open source to not create vendor lock-in.   Stable with the largest worldwide development and testing team I’ve ever seen.    Oracle should be envious.

I’ve provided consulting at all levels for various Fortune 500 companies, including executive level, and would have no qualms about recommending WordPress or making it an approved tool to add to the corporate tool belt.

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Unlocking Your Phone Is Now Illegal

This brief audio clip from NPR explains Digital Millenium Copyright Act and how the cell carriers have lobbied to have DCMA extended to cover the software in cell phones.   This change makes it illegal to unlock a cell phone.    This audio clip explains why after giving a brief background on how it applies to music and they segues into how the cell carriers got it to cover your phone.

I agree with the comment of the lead expert in this interview… “it is like making illegal to pick a lock you put on your own home to gain access to your house”.    Couldn’t agree more.

Here is the NPR piece on this subject:

Digital Locks Limit Access To Copyrighted Works


Owning a copy of a movie or a piece of music doesn’t mean what it used to mean. You have it for good on your digital device, but you can’t sell it or give it away the way you could with a DVD or LP. And, the phone you may be watching or listening on is similarly out of your control.

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Unlocking Your Phone Will Be Illegal

In the United States a new law is about to go into effect, unless this Whitehouse Petition reaches 75,000 electronic signatures by February 23rd, that will make unlocking (aka jailbreaking) your phone illegal.   The fine for jailbreaking your phone? $ 500,000 for the first offense!   Ouch?!?

To me, this is  one more draconian law that the big corporations have pushed through their political connections to get on the books.  Much like SOPA just over a year ago, this law infringes on personal rights and liberties.    Learn more about this law by checking out these news articles as posted online:

The Atlantic – The Most Ridiculous Law of 2013 (So Far): It Is Now a Crime to Unlock Your Smartphone

PC Magazine – Unlocking Your Cell Phone Will Soon Be Illegal


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Mobile Phones Don’t Play Nice With WiFi

Now that Verizon has dropped their unlimited data plan it is time to follow up on the previous Droid Incredible Crashes WiFi Networks article. Since the Droid Incredible wreaks havoc on the home and office networks I often turn off WiFi on the phone. I do this so often that the WiFi on/off widget is on my home screen and is probably the most-used application on my phone. That is sad.

As sad as that may be, a much more troubling issue is now on the horizon… and by horizon I mean arriving TODAY. While I was perfectly happy scanning my email and checking the latest news on my phone via the 3G network this is now going to be  a very costly endeavor. Every megabit has now become very costly and thus I need to make a choice. Crash the entire local network and render it useless or pay a premium to have a network service that works.

It is time to take off the kid gloves and put on the boxing gloves. If Verizon is going to charge for every bit & byte then they sure as hell need to provide a phone that works on the WiFi network. I’m starting that battle today, we’ll see where it goes. Probably nowhere.

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Update : Verizon Unlimited Plans “Grandfathered”

Something of note from Verizon’s response to my email about fixing the WiFi on my HTC.  This certainly helps make the broken WiFi less of an issue as I constantly use 3G even when I’m in WiFi range due.

We understand your concerns about your device and new data plans. Please note that customers with unlimited smart phone data plans will be able to keep the data plans as long as the plan remains on the account. Because of this, existing customers with unlimited data plans are not required to select from the new data plans. 


Verizon Wireless

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