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Facebook Followers – What You Missed..

For those of you following the latest CSA news via my Facebook page, a glitch in the connection between JetPack and Facebook prevented the news over the past few weeks from being posted.

Here is what you missed…



New Icon Pack : Maki Simple Icons

By  • June 4, 2013 • blogPluginsWordPress • Leave a comment { Edit }

I stumbled across a set of open source icons that will make a good base set for map markers. I may use these on custom projects by combining them with bubble style pins to create a multitude of custom color map markers. In the meantime I’ve created a simple icon set you can add to […]


Daily Update : Woocommerce Plugins + SLP Updates

By  • June 4, 2013 • blogPluginsWordPress • Leave a comment { Edit }

It has been a crazy couple of weeks between multiple coding projects, private consults, and the school year-end mayhem on the home front.   Here is what I’ve been working on when I’ve found some free coding time. Woocommerce Premium Plugin System My primary focus has been on this project. Work continues on my WooCommerce add-on […]


Store Locator Plus 3.11.4 Released

By  • June 4, 2013 • blogPluginsWordPress • Leave a comment { Edit }

Store Locator Plus 3.11.4 was released today. The primary patch in this release is getting the Store Locator Plus themes working again.    The other patches are minor tweaks that further reduce the memory footprint when the plugin is running.  The Store Locator Plus plugin themes were moved from the Pro Pack into the base plugin […]


Store Locator Plus 3.11.3 / Pro Pack 3.11.2

By  • June 3, 2013 • blogPluginsWordPress • Leave a comment { Edit }

Store Locator Plus 3.11.3 and Store Locator Plus Pro Pack 3.11.2 were released today. Store Locator Plus Version 3.11.3 Enhancement: Remove some defunct code and scripts. Fix: Editing locations on page 2+ on manage locations was restarting at first page. Pro Pack Version 3.11.2 Enhancement: Update i18n/l10n language constants for better language file support. Enhancement: […]


PlugIntelligence Updated

By  • May 31, 2013 • blogPluginsWordPress • Leave a comment { Edit }

PlugIntelligence was updated to version 0.3 to add an easy on/off switch for the WordPress plugin filter system.     Prior versions required you to disable the plugin if you wanted to disable the plugin listing filters implemented by PlugIntelligence. About PlugIntelligence After years of searching through thousands of WordPress plugins, trying to sort out the […]


Wall of Shame : Point Immatriculation, Saisson France

By  • May 30, 2013 • blogPayment Processing • Leave a comment { Edit }

Sadly I have another addition to make to my customer “Wall of Shame”. Newest Wall of Shame Addition Point Immatriculation Marteau claims that their PayPal account, which is still active, was used fraudulently and that the purchases they made at CSA were not authorized. Interesting that they claim fraud yet their site is using Store […]


WooCommerce Downloads Dev Cheat Sheet

By  • May 29, 2013 • blogPluginsWordPress • Leave a comment { Edit }

While writing my WooCommerce Premium Plugin System (Woops) I was having issues finding simple documentation on the hooks and filters I needed to build my plugin.  This is where I’ve stored my “working papers”.  The cheat sheet and notes about the stuff I need to remember or want to track while building the plugin.   […]


Daily Update : Store Locator Plus 3.11.3 / Pro Pack 3.11.2 Betas

By  • May 28, 2013 • blogPluginsWordPress • Leave a comment { Edit }

The beta versions of Store Locator Plus and Pro Pack have been released to the beta testing community.    If you want to get a copy of pre-release software for testing you need to sign up for the Beta Test Mailing List.    The anticipated release date, assuming testing goes well, is next Monday, June […]


Daily Update : Store Locator Plus 3.11.2

By  • May 27, 2013 • blogPluginsWordPress • Leave a comment { Edit }

Store Locator Plus 3.11.2 Store Locator Plus 3.11.2 was released today with a minor patch and a new feature. Default CSS The default css was updated to add more specific rules to help the layout work with more WordPress themes. Initial Radius The SLPLUS shortcode was updated to add an “initial_radius” option.   You can […]

What is JetPack?

JetPack is a plugin from one of the core contributors to WordPress, Automattic, that provides a myriad of free and premium add-on options to WordPress.    In addition to the great VaultPress backup system (premium) it also provides some great social media tools including automated publishing of posts summaries to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Tumblr as well as the share and like icons you see on many sites.
Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong and somehow JetPack or Facebook (more likely) forgot about the link between my blog and CSA page on Facebook.    Hopefully it stays fixed for a while.