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Tagalong 1.1 Icon Array and Legend

Tagalong Version 1.1, the Store Locator Plus 4 compatible release,  has some new features bundled into the product that make is easier to manage icon displays for your users.    The two features are the icon array and the icon legend.   Both features work in tandem with other add-on packs to provide you with unique new ways to manage the user experience on your site.

Tagalong Legend and Icon Array UX
Tagalong Legend and Icon Array UX

Icon Array

The Icon Array is a new setting that generates a full array of icons based on the categories you assigned to your location via the Tagalong categorization system.   Prior to version 1.1 only the first category that was assigned to a location was available to display in the results using custom CSS.

With version 1.1 you can now output not only that single icon, which is the default setting for backwards compatibility reasons, you can also display the entire icon array using the [slp_location iconarray raw] shortcode within the results or info bubble layout controls.

Results layout controls are enabled by installing the Enhanced Results version 1.0 add-on pack.

Bubble layout controls are enabled by installing the Enhanced Map version 1.0 add-on pack.

The iconarray attribute of the custom [slp_location] shortcodes used on each of those add-on packs is extended with Tagalong version 1.1 to show all categories.

Icon Legend

With Tagalong version 1.1 you can now add an icon legend on your user interface by adding the new [tagalong legend] shortcode in the Locator Layout control provided by the Pro Pack.   The category label can be turned on or off below each icon via a simple on/off setting in the Tagalong control panel.

Tagalong 1.1 Admin Settings
Tagalong 1.1 Admin Settings

Pro Pack version 3.12 provides the new View layout control.

Tagalong version 1.1 adds the new [tagalong] shortcode to view layout controls.


Store Locator Plus 4

These features and more are coming in the Store Locator Plus 4 release and related add-on packs.   The Store Locator Plus 4 base plugin will remain free and fully functional.    All of the add-on packs will require an upgrade if you install Store Locator Plus 4.   SLP4 compatible add-on packs will be a paid upgrade for existing users.  Users that purchased their add-on packs will be offered a discount coupon to upgrade to the SLP4 compatible versions when they are released.