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Store Locator Plus Version 4.4.36 released along with Experience Add-on 4.4.10

Store Locator Plus base plug-in was updated and published April 1, 2016.

The main change is within the zoom level adjustment for the map as noted in the developers blog this past week.

This update also added  a new Documentation button , displayed as a globe in the top right hand  corner of the pages in the  Admin panel  to link to the new Documentation site, and fixed some broken links under the help text.  The help ? question mark is transparent until you hover over it to the side  of the setting you are reviewing.   The New Documentation site is being populated with posts instead of pages, which should make it easier to search by tags, keywords or categories,  without getting  general blog posts and various other pages /posts in results.

If you have suggestions or need additional information  on where to find  something , such as “how to” settings,  please post in the forums.  Forums are free support and is the best place to start.  We ask that you provide your Plugin Environment and (just as important) if the question is  specific  to your site,  the direct url  that links to  your SLP or locator page.  This saves us both time and allows the support team to quickly find your page and respond in kind.

Experience Add-On

Experience 520x520

The latest release v. 4.4.10 adds a function that was requested by one of our long standing  Premier  Members.  The added  feature  allows an administrator to  add the short code [[slplus disable_initial_directory=”1″]] on a separate page.   Utilization of this shortcode provides the  ability to “Disable Initial Directory” on a single page via the shortcode and still have the ability to “Show Locations At Startup”.



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SLP base plugin 4.3.14 fixes Blank Map style and Zoom adjustments, Tagalong updated and enhanced, and Premier Pack 4.3.04 New features

White Point at Charleston SC

It is a beautiful fall day in Charleston, SC, but the Store Locator Plus author and Premier developer has been hard at work conjuring up some cool new features for the Tagalong add-on pack with Premier.

Tagalong version 4.3.01

The latest update to Tagalong includes a new feature that enable different styles for category filters on the User Interface. The Single Parent style has been added as a setting under the “Show categories on Search” Tagalong settings.

4.3.01Tagalong Settings Panel

Premier 4.3.04 release feature for October

Exclusive to Premier subscribers , the ability to combine Parent/child drop down menus on the same search form with multiple combinations of queries available, thus allowing the user to fine tune their search on your site. Example: Looking for a store that sells both apples and oranges but you want to see what types of apples (Macintosh,Fuji,Gala,Red delicious) and/or what types of oranges (Valencia,mandarin,etc), this option is now available when you have Premier and Tagalong installed and activated. You may opt to have the auto-submit function, also included in Premier 4.3.04. Create any parent/child combination using the Tagalong category manager and filters, determine if you want the “one click submit” for the user by choosing the drop-down auto-submit available as a Premier Search feature, save settings, and see the results. For a detailed look at these enhancements please watch the developers 3 minute video. The video and other useful tips and how-to’s are added to the Documentation video playlist for quick reference.

Last but not least, the Base Store Locator Plus plug-in update 4.3.14 fixed a bug within the blank map style, and added a new range of settings for zoom adjustments (now -10 to 19) and zoom level (now zero is once again an option) under the Map functions. This should improve the user experience and allow for a wide range of zoom settings.

Thank you to our Store Locator Plus Forum members for identifying these issues. Please be sure to follow the posting guidelines and provide your plugin environment and store or map site url for better results.

Change Log for SLP

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Store Locator Plus Ready For WordPress 4.1

Store Locator Plus version 4.2.19 was released tonight.  This version has been tested with the latest WordPress 4.1 release candidate that is scheduled for public release any day now.   Minor CSS updates were made to the Store Locator Plus default theme to address changes in the forthcoming Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme that is coming as part of WordPress 4.1.

WordPress 4.1 About Screen
WordPress 4.1 About Screen

A fix to the way intelligent drop down menus, the administrative locations/bulk action menu for example,  are coded to address a bug introduced when WordPress 4.0.1 was released.   Turns out WordPress 4.0.1 handles inline JavaScript differently than prior releases of WordPress which breaks all kinds of things in a variety of plugins.   Store Locator Plus was mostly unscathed other than the admin interface locations bulk actions and the Tagalong cascading (hierarchical) drop down menus.   Other plugins, such as the Cool Video Galleries plugin I used extensively on the docs pages on this site, were less fortunate and may be a permanent casualty of the WordPress rendering engine and shortcode processing changes.

Store Locator Plus Changelog

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Store Locator Plus 4.2.03 Is Out

Store Locator Plus version 4.2.03 is out today.   Yes, it has been fully tested with the latest version of WordPress 4.0 beta release candidate 4 complete with cool new plugin installer icons.

Store Locator Plus Add Plugin WP4.0
Store Locator Plus plugin listing on WordPress 4.0.

This update is mostly behind-the-scenes changes that provides the tools needed to produce streamlined add-on packs.    Add on packs that use the 4.2 add-on system will take less memory and provide a more consistent user experience.    Several add-on packs are under development with 2 new add-on packs, Directory Builder and Location Extender,  scheduled for release today.

[box]You MUST update Pro Pack and Janitor to the latest version BEFORE upgrading to SLP 4.2.  Pro Pack should be version 4.1.06 and Janitor should be version 4.1.08 BEFORE you upgrade to SLP 4.2.[/box]

What are some of the changes you might notice with SLP 4.2.03?

Thailand has been added to the list of supported default countries for the Google Maps domain.

SLP Google Maps Thailand
Thailand is the latest addition to built-in Google Map domains.

The No Map theme has been fixed to show results below the search form.  A new No Map Rev 02 version addresses further rendering issues and cleans up much of the No Map SLP Theme styling.

If you are using an add-on pack with extended data fields such as Enhanced Results featured and rank on locations or Contact Extender data fields there is a patch that fixes “carrying over previous location data” that appeared on some installations.   Special characters such as apostrophe has been addressed in extended data field editing.


SLP 4.2.03 Details


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Store Locator Plus Update For New Search Feature

Store Locator Plus was updated today with a behind-the-scenes patch that will facilitate a  new Enhanced Search “append to user-entered address” feature.   This patch comes as part of the base plugin version 4.1.28 and will go largely unnoticed by most users.   There are minor updates to the new Above and Beyond NyloBoard theme that should also go unnoticed by most users.

Upcoming Enhanced Search "Append To Search" feature.
Upcoming Enhanced Search “Append To Search” feature.

Release Details

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WordPress Store Locator Updated

Store Locator Plus, the location mapping and directory plugin for WordPress, was updated to version 4.1.27 today.

This update changes the order in which the map markers are dropped on the map.  The change reverses the order so that the first entries on the results list are the HIGHEST marker on the map.   This change ensures that featured locations, which often are put first on the results lists, will now have their pins on top instead of buried under non-featured locations.

Above and Beyond NyloBoard Rev 01
Above and Beyond NyloBoard Rev 01

The other addition in this update is a new Above and Beyond NyloBoard SLP theme which is a variation of the Beside The Point NyloBoard theme that appeared in the previous release.  The Above and Beyond setup places the results below the map and search with the search appearing to the left of the map.   An updated Themes documentation page helps highlight some of the different SLP Theme layouts that are available.

Beside The Point NyloBoard Rev 01
Beside The Point NyloBoard Rev 01. Search on top of Results on left. Map on right. Color scheme: orange and green. Featured results highlighted. Tagalong support. shortcode attribute: theme = “beside_the_point_nyloboard_01”.


Release Details

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Enhanced Map No Longer Fighting Tagalong Map Markers

Enhanced Map 4.1.02 was released tonight with a patch that stops it from obliterating the custom map markers of other add-on packs, specifically the Tagalong category-assigned map markers.

Location-specific map markers will still take precedence, then Tagalong category markers, then the default Store Locator Plus end icon.

Enhanced Map and Taglong playing nicely
Enhanced Map and Taglong playing nicely

Release Details