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Google Maps Now Requires API Registration

There are some new Google changes that we anticipated nearly a year ago and is not specific to Store Locator Plus.


Effectively Immediately, all new websites that come online as of June 22, 2016 will require a Google Map API key.   This is no longer optional.  Store Locator Plus has had the ability to set a Google API key since version 4.  Go to the General / Server tab and enter your Google API Server Key.

SLP 4.5 General Server Settings
SLP 4.5 General Server Settings

You can learn more and sign up for a key from the Google Maps documentation site.

Google Maps API Limits
Google Maps API Limits

Location Sensor

Any users running Chrome including those using Android based web browsers will no longer be able to auto-detect their location using the location sensor unless the source site is running https.  That means that your website must have a valid SSL certificate.  If your site URL does not load when you use https:// as the starting part of your web address the location sensor provided by the Power Add On will not work.

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SLP 4.4.26 updates: Faster Processing Pro Pack 4.4.01 fixes Latitude/Longitude CSV imports

Store Locator Plus

Behind the scenes updates to the Admin UI layout continues with version 4.4.26 of the base plugin and 4.4.05 of the Experience Add-on.

ProPack v 4.4.01

  • Changes ProPack User Interface for faster processing and compatibility with the new Store Locator Plus layout
  • Fixes the import function of latitude/longitude fields in the locations manager.
  • Updates the Location Sensor (GPS)

Check your SLP and add-on versions to ensure you are using the latest updates. The add-on updater system does not always notify you via the WP plugin directory if there are newer versions of the add-ons.

Questions for support can be posted in the forums. Please provide a complete picture of your Plugin environment with your site url and refer to the posting guidelines.

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