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Pro Pack Adds Better Manage Location Filters

Pro Pack has been updated to provide new filter capabilities on the Manage Locations page. The new filters provide better control over which stores to display on the manage locations page, a useful tool for sites hosting tens-of-thousands of locations across the globe. The filter system is also used to pre-filter CSV exports via the new “Export All To CSV” bulk action from the drop down menu.

Manage Locations Filters

The Manage Locations page “With These Properties” filter adds more options to filtering the location list.    It utilizes the same location filter that was used for exporting locations to manage the filter location page itself.

To filter a list of locations select “With These Properties” from the filter drop down menu, fill out the attributes that you want matched, and click  the Filter button.

Pro Pack Filtering Locations Steps
Pro Pack brings more location filters to the manage locations page.

The Manage Locations list will be loaded showing only those locations that match your filter criteria.

Example Of Filtered Locations
Example Of Filtered Locations

To reset the list to show all locations leave the Filter drop down on “Show All” and click the Filter button.

Reset The Location Filter
Reset the location filter by leaving the filter at Show All and clicking the filter button.

Export Locations Has Moved

As part of the update the Export panel is no longer used for Pro Pack CSV exports. This was done to simplify the interface as well as the code. A single function now serves as the location filter for both the manage locations table in the admin interface as well as the CSV export.

Along with the new “With These Properties” extended location filters in the Pro Pack there is also a status bar showing which filters, if any, are in use while displaying the list of locations.

The new feature makes use of the Jquery UI Dialog interface to provide a cleaner experience than the inline div filters that appeared in prior releases. You will find the Bulk Actions and Filters that require additional input are now using the movable jQuery dialog interface which should provide a better user experience for location administrators.

To export all locations select “Export All To CSV” from the Bulk Actions drop down menu and click the Apply button for Bulk Actions.

Pro Pack Export Locations
Exporting locations to a CSV file.

Export Filters Have Changed

To export a select group of locations you now use the Manage Locations filter as noted above.  Follow the same steps used to filter the list of locations on the manage locations screen.

When a location filter is active, as noted by the yellow “Location Filter” bar above the locations list, only those locations that match the filter will be exported.

[box type=”info”]All locations that match the filter, including those on the subsequent pages of the manage locations interface, will be exported.  It is not limited to only the list of locations shown on the first page of results.[/box]

You can skip a button click when filtering locations for export by first going to the “With These Properties” fitler drop down, filling out the filter properties form, and then going directly to “Export All To CSV” on the Bulk Actions menu and clicking apply.  It is not necessary to click “Filter” first unless you wan to preview the list of locations to be exported.

Steps To Export With Fitler Without Preview
Steps To Export With Fitler Without Preview

Store Locator Plus Updates

Version 4.1.31 of Store Locator Plus is required with version 4.1.03+ of the Pro Pack.

In order to facilitate the new manage locations filters the base plugin was updated to provide the proper hooks and to clean up the HTML.  In addition to the manage locations UI updates there are a few other notable upgrades to the base plugin.

  • WPML can now manage the Find Locations button text and the results instructions text.
  • jQuery UI Dialog libraries are now available to all add-on packs and are present on all SLP admin pages, which will make for better interface experiences going forward.
  • An Italian translation of the base plugin is now available.
  • The Dutch translation has been updated.
  • Non-geocoded locations are once again highlighted in a warning color on Manage Locations.

Code Geek Info

There are also new action hooks with the base plugin that allows for the display modifications used by the Pro Pack. Other code developers can use these hooks to manipulate the interface without resorting to inline code hacks.


The new hooks and filters are documented here:

Pro Pack Release Details

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