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Version updates: SLP 4.4.27, Experience 4.4.07 Janitor 4.4.03, Pro Pack 4.4.02, Gravity Forms Integration 4.4.02

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Store Locator Plus 4.4.27

If you have the Experience add-on and had not already updated to 4.4.06 or 4.4.07 prior to SLP 4.4.27, you must do so FIRST

Highlights and Updates:
There were settings in the distance parameters that effected the radius results used for ranking settings and effected the radius behavior settings that is used for pagination (a Premier feature) as well as Additional results features in Experience add-on.  The DOM structure for the info bubble has changed. As a result , the div# rule for the sl_ info bubble needs to be “non- generic”. The new div# rule needs to have the slp_id.  This may require some updating and additional changes to fix some of the SLP plug-in styles.  New plug-in styles have been added and older SLP plugin styles have been updated.  As the SLP development team moves closer to the SaaS goal the intent is to simplify the amount of maintenance that is inherent when updating multiple add-ons and legacy SLP coding that is less efficient, less than optimum performance, and time consuming. Sites that have not been updated for years may have issues when “jumping” versions or not updating the add-ons to maintain compatibility with WP and base Plugins.
Always be sure to Check SLP and Add-on versions if you see issues on your site.

Store Locator Plus Janitor

SLP Janitor Product Image

Janitor is a free add-on exclusively for use with the SLP base plugin and add-ons.  The Janitor user interface has been retooled to work with the new Expereince and Power add-ons and to patch some bugs that prevented the resets for options_nojs.  Janitor provides  tools to reset, delete, and manage UI settings.  It also provides a tool for  deleting location data, cleaning up extended data and Store Pages.   A bug was reported by a forum user that the reset tool for admin_locations_per_page was not saving. Since it had been set to show 5000 locations per page, the locations admin page would not load, preventing management of the locations. The default is 10 locations per page. Some systems can accommodate 100 locations per page but more will usually break the upload of this page.

Janitor Release details:  through 4.4.03.  Requires SLP 4.4.27


  • Add Gravity Form Integration and Gravity Forms Locations settings.
  • Simplify the admin interface to have tools and settings displayed
  • Cleaned up the settings interface.
  • Show SLP Installed Base version (such as 4.4.27) which is used to trigger the activation/update code.


  • Resetting of individual options_nojs settings for base plugin (reported in the forum)

Pro Pack v 4.4.02


  • Delete duplicate report table indexes.
  • Fix the index creation SQL.

Gravity Forms Integration 4.4.02

GFI is a Third Party Add-on by Debaat that interfaces with the Free Gravity Forms Location add-on within the Store Locator Plus Add-on suite. The GFI updates fixes the create pages integration and has been retooled to work with the SLP 4.4.xx version layout. Questions for DeBaat can be posted in the Third Party Add-ons Forum

Change Log for SLP

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2016 Store Locator Plus Add Ons

 2012_NYE_Fireworks_(8331173703) (2)

A lot of things are underway for 2016 that will provide a vastly improved experience for our users and your customers.   Changes will be made to the add-on pack offerings that will simplify the product selection process and eliminate some confusion as to what to buy and what packs complement each other to obtain the best results.  Additionally, negotiations are underway with one of the most-talented WordPress and SaaS development teams in the world to bring a new and improved “Software As A Service” version of Store Locator Plus online.   We will also be expanding our support and technical team in-house at Charleston Software Associates.

Add On Packs

There will be a number of changes designed to simplify the add-on selection process, create a better and stable plug-in environment, reduce redundancy, and simplify our product cycle allowing us to focus on product improvements versus overhead and maintenance.

Legacy Add Ons

Starting in early 2016 , the legacy add-on packs will enter the first transition phase.  The plugins that are selected will only receive bug fixes and security patches going forward.   All of the Charleston Software Associates (Store Locator Plus author) products will be classified as legacy products over the next few months, For example:

  • Contact Extender
  • Directory Builder
  • Enhanced Map
  • Enhanced Results
  • Enhanced Search
  • Pages
  • Pro Pack
  • Tagalong
  • Widget Pack

Customers that have purchased these products will still have access to the downloads and will receive updates whenever a new security patch or bug fix is released.

New Add Ons

When the legacy products enter this transition phase, they will no longer be available as a separate stand alone purchase by new customers.    In their place we will have three core add-on packs in addition to a group of “ala-carte” third party add-on packs available for purchase.    We will be simplifying the add-on pack selection by offering just 3 options, Power Users, Enhanced Experience, and Premier.

Users of the legacy products can opt to retain their prior add-on packs and operate as normal.  However, users that wish to take advantage of the new add-ons, simplifying the installation process will need to purchase them as a new product package.   Once the packages are installed the legacy products can be removed. More details will be available and reminders sent as that date approaches.

Power Users

The forthcoming “Power” package add-on will include all of the features and functionality of the current Pro Pack, Tagalong, Pages, and Contact Extender add-on packs.  The focus of this add-on is the administrative side of location management as well as various features that tend to be utilized by the power user.  As part of this new offering the Pro Pack user-interface-related “Experience / View” setting, which determines the overall layout structure of the Store Locator Plus interface (map on left, right, below search form, etc.) will be moved into the forthcoming Experience add-on.

The Power add-on will be selling for $250 per-site one-time fee.


The Experience add-on, being released in early 2016, will include all the features of the user-interface-centric features of the various Store Locator Plus legacy add ons.   This new add-on will include the features of Enhanced Map, Enhanced Results, Enhanced Search, and the Widget Pack.   It will also inherit the Experience / View setting from the Pro Pack.    This add-on will also make it far easier to deploy the built-in plugin styles as you will only require one plugin-in to achieve most of the visual updates.

The Experience add-on will be selling for $250 per-site one-time fee.


Technically now a “new” plugin but one that will carry over from the legacy model to the new model, the Premier add-on will continue to be the flagship plugin where new “never been done before” features are added.    While the Power and Experience add-ons will occasionally see a new feature added, anything that is completely new and introduces more complex features to the product will appear in the Premier add-on.   The Premier add-on is only available to users with a Premier subscription.

Speaking of the Premier Subscription, users with an active subscription will get the new Power and Experience add-ons as soon as they are available and will have access to the prerelease versions of both products.   There are not changes anticipated for the Premier Subscription in 2016.   An exclusive first-response Premier Forum, access to our real-time Slack channels, and access to all plugins and themes crafted by Charleston Software Associates remains in the plan.

The Premier Subscription will retain the current $250 sign-up + $30/month pricing.

Third Party Add Ons

Due to our compensation agreements with third party authors, the third party plugins will remain online in their standard ala-carte form.   These plugins will have a new forum where all 3rd party plugin questions will be answered and supported by both the original author and, as needed, Charleston Software Associates.  The following plugins will remain as ala-carte options:

  • Extended Data Manager
  • Event Location Manager
  • Social Media Extender
  • Gravity Forms Integration
  • Gravity Forms Locations
  • MultiMap

Most third-party add-ons are priced at a $50 one-time fee.

End Of Life Offerings

The following offerings will be going away in 2016.

All Icon Packs will be replaced with a more efficient loading process to be introduced in 2016 and added to the Premier plugin.

The Experience Package is going away.  This will be replaced with the Experience plugin.

The Kitchen Sink Package is going, going, gone as a separate purchase.  Users wishing to get all of the nifty features and more should subscribe to the Premier Subscription as a one-year subscription. It is less than the price of the Kitchen Sink package and provides more benefits.


The SaaS Project

Work will begin in earnest on a subscription-based Store Locator Plus service.    This should not be confused with the Premier Subscription.  Purchases and subscribers  of the Premier Subscription will not be automatically enrolled in the SaaS system .   The SaaS (Software As A Service) product will allow companies to sign up via a new website and use a simplified interface for managing their locations and tweaking their user interface.    When everything is ready the user will be given a short JavaScript snippet or iFrame code to place on ANY site, not just WordPress sites.

This new service will look-and-feel much like the Store Locator Plus WordPress plugin with some big visual improvements.   However, users of this system will no longer need to worry about updates to ensure they have the latest version, backing up their locations, moving their installs from a staging to live site, or other management tasks related to maintaining their locator plugin.

Pricing is yet to be determined.   Initial models include a free tier for a handful of locations and $30/month for most sites.

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Store Locator Janitor Updated

The Janitor plugin for Store Locator Plus has been updated to version 4.2 today.   The Janitor add-on pack helps manage Store Locator Plus settings, location data, and provides data clean up tools for the Store Locator Plus system.   A year after version 4.2 of the base Store Locator Plus plugin was released, the Janitor add-on now depends on version 4.2 of the base plugin in order to operate.    The new release is based on the SLP 4.2 add-on framework which provides a more consistent application interface.   This reduces memory consumption and improves consistency.

Janitor 4.2 settings interface.  Now requires Store Locator Plus 4.2.
Janitor 4.2 settings interface. Now requires Store Locator Plus 4.2.

Change Log

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Store Locator Plus Maintenance Tool Updated

Janitor, the free add-on pack for Store Locator Plus, was updated today to update the UI to use the updated delete icon introduced in Store Locator Plus 4.2.48.    Version 4.2.48 of Store Locator Plus migrated from custom sprite graphics to the built-in WordPress 3.8 dash icons which render faster, more consistently, and are better with responsive WordPress themes in place.

Janitor 4.1.16 Settings Page
Janitor 4.1.16 Settings Page

Change Log

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Janitor 4.1.15 Makes Quick Work Of Resetting Locations

The Janitor add-on pack for Store Locator Plus adds a new drop locations feature.    This feature makes quick work of deleting the Store Locator Plus locations when a simple database reset is required.   The new feature is far faster than the previous Clear Locations option, but Drop Locations does have its limits.

J 4.2.15 Clear or Drop Locations
J 4.2.15 Clear or Drop LocationsWo

Drop Locations

This new feature removes the main locations table and the extended meta data fields, used by the * Extender add-on packs, via a the SQL DROP TABLE command.  Both tables are immediately recreated.     This feature does NOT remove the associates custom WordPress “store pages” data NOR does it remove the Tagalong and custom taxonomy data.    If you are not using Tagalong categories and are not use Store Pages, then Drop Locations can remove tens- or even -hundreds-of-thousands of locations in less than a minute.    By comparison a 200,000 location table can take as long as 2 hours using Clear Locations.

Clear Locations

Clear Locations is a more thorough removal mechanism.  This process leaves the data tables intact but deletes the records one-at-time using the WordPress data interface which invokes all the hooks-and-filters.  That means any third party or CSA-derived add-on packs will fire all the “location cleanup” processes including Tagalong data cleanup , Store Pages cleanup, and any related meta data that may be hiding in WordPress options tables, taxonomy tables, custom page types, or custom data tables installed by add-on packs.

Janitor Change Log

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Janitor for SLP Prepares for Event Manager

Janitor Banner

The Janitor add-on pack for Store Locator Plus was updated to support the forthcoming Event Location Manager add-on pack.    The most recent update to Store Locator Plus Janitor has also been fully tested on WordPress 4.1 and is marked as 4.1 compatible.

The Event Location Manager add-on pack has passed testing and the release is imminent.  This new add-on pack allows site administrators to create date-and-time based events and link them to the Store Locator Plus locations.   Event searches can be added to the Store Locator Plus search form interface to provide a way for your site visitors to locate venues for various events in the community.

The Janitor add-on pack is a free add-on and is available from the CSA website and the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Janitor Changelog

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Janitor and Pro Pack Prep Get Ready for SLP 4.2

Old Map Banner

The Janitor and Pro Pack add-ons for Store Locator Plus had a minor but important update today.   The updates make a minor but important change to the plugins that makes them compatible with the upcoming Store Locator Plus 4.2 release.

What is so different about SLP 4.2 to warrant a version number change?   On the surface, not a lot has changed.   Behind-the-scenes some new program classes have been created in order to build a more consistent and resilient add-on pack experience.    One of the changes requires that the Janitor and Pro Pack be updated to ensure their communication with the base plugin does not break due to a minor semantic difference in how those add-on packs define a single variable (for the geeks, a class property that is marked private in prior versions of those add-ons must now be public or it breaks the SLP4.2 add-on classes).

Base Class Code Window
Base Class Code Window

All of these changes are in preparation for the first add-on pack to be built on the new add-on platform.    Directory Builder is coming in the next week or two as a new add-on pack that will help build directory-style page elements on your site.   More details will be released about that plugin when it is closer to final production release.

In the meantime, upgrade your SLP Janitor and Pro Pack add-on packs BEFORE SLP4.2 comes out.    The latest versions, Janitor 4.1.08 and Pro Pack 4.1.06 are fully compatible with SLP 4.2 and SLP version 4.1.XX.


Upgrading After SLP 4.2 Comes Out

It is important to do these updates in the right sequence or you can break the SLP plugins on your site.

* Janitor versions 4.1.XX are compatible with SLP 4.1 releases.

* ONLY Janitor version 4.1.08 will work with SLP 4.2 and SLP 4.1.XX releases.

* Pro Pack versions 4.1.XX are compatible with SLP 4.1 releases.

* ONLY Pro Pack version 4.1.06 will work with SLP 4.2 and SLP 4.1.XX) releases.

Eventually add-on packs will start reflecting their base plugin compatibility as they are converted to the new SLP 4.2 add-on pack management interface.    Over time the add-on packs will start showing version 4.2.XX and will only work with the base plugin SLP 4.2.XX or higher.

If you are reading this after SLP 4.2 has been made available you will want to make sure you deactivate the Pro Pack and Janitor BEFORE upgrading the SLP base plugin.     You will then want to delete the Janitor and Pro Pack and make sure you download and install version 4.1.08+ (Janitor) or 4.1.06+ (Pro Pack) before re-activating the plugins.

If you blindly upgrade to SLP 4.2 without reading the change log, description, this blog, or the news highlights build into the admin panel and did not upgrade Pro Pack or Janitor as noted above you can crash your site with a “trying to access protected variable $slug” error messages.     You will need to manually delete the slp-janitor and/or slp-pro directory under the wp-content/plugins directory on  your server.



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Janitor For SLP Allows Individual Serial Reset

Janitor Banner

The Janitor add-on pack for Store Locator Plus was updated to version 4.1.04 today.   This update provides an improved user interface for viewing and resetting individual options which are part of a serialized array.   Due to their more efficient storage-and-retrieval method, newer options in Store Locator Plus plugins are using serialized WordPress options as a storage mechanism.

Previous versions of the Janitor add-on pack only provided an “all or none” option to reset the serialized option array.    The newest release retains the “reset the entire option array” feature and adds a new individual options feature as well.

Janitor Serialized Option Inspection
Janitor Serialized Option Inspection

Release Details


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Tagalong Store Categories for WordPress Updated

Tagalong version 4.1 is being published today with several patches for the location category system.

Older versions of Tagalong were using a hybrid category system that included serialized data stored in the location record, a category helper table, and store taxonomy types that are a custom category type using the WordPress built-in category system.    This caused several conflicts with how category data was rendered causing inconsistencies.

The latest version of Tagalong uses only the category helper table and the WordPress built-in category system.  The helper table boosts the performance of the built-in WordPress taxonomy methods substantially.   This provides a more reliable and consistent system for location categorization.

However, users that have been on Tagalong for some time may find things like duplicate categories showing up after upgrading.   If this happens you will need to use the latest Janitor add-on pack, clear out the category helper table using the Tagalong tools provided in Janitor, and rebuild the category table.  Some sites may find it necessary to re-load locations with category information.

As always, make sure you have a backup of your site before installing a major upgrade.  I recommend VaultPress for backing up your WordPress site, Store Locator Plus data included.


  • Enhancement: Add WPML support for the category select and any category labels.
  • Enhancement: Locations Manager category display now links to the edit category page.
  • Enhancement: A faster icon/legend/text rendering on the category icon output on UI and admin page.
  • Enhancement: Update Dutch (nl_NL) files.
  • Fix: Patch to update the categories properly on import.
  • Fix: Order By Category Count is given the highest precedence of the output sort orders (this will impact featured listings as well, which will come later).
  • Fix: Tagalong was stopping other add-on pack data queries “in their tracks” causing incomplete results.  This has been patched.
  • Change: Categories on UI are now alphabetical versus date entered.

Screen Shots

Archery 360
The Archery 360 website using Tagalong and Store Pages.

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Janitor for Store Locations Updated

Version 4.1.02 of the Store Locator Plus janitor is being published today.

This update adds a couple of tools needed to help manage the Tagalong category helper table.  The category helper table is a custom table added by Tagalong that links Store Locator Plus location IDs to WordPress Store Page Taxonomy (category) IDs.    This allows Tagalong to search for categories and tags using a much faster integer-based SQL lookup versus the slower full data query request of a WordPress category and performing a string comparison test for category match testing.

The Janitor tool comes in two parts, the “delete all the categories in the helper table” tool and another tool that will manually crawl the store taxonomy data and re-create the helper table for any of the Store Locator Plus categories and locations that it can find in the WordPress meta data.


  • Enhancement: Add tool to reset the Tagalong category helper table.
  • Enhancement: Add tool to rebuild Tagalong category helper table.

Screen Shots

SLP Janitor Tagalong Reset Tools
SLP Janitor Tagalong Reset Tools

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SLP Janitor 4.1 Release

Store Locator Plus Janitor, a tool that provides extra administrative features for the Store Locator Plus plugin, was updated to version 4.1 today.  The update works with Store Locator Plus 4.1 to bring a new “reset extended data” option.    The 4.1 release also adds an option to reset a single Store Locator Plus option to the “reset options” tool kit.   This will make it easier to reset specific elements of a Store Locator Plus installation that can leave many custom settings intact as opposed to the previous “nuclear option” that reset ALL settings in the SLP install.

It is recommended that you update Store Locator Plus to version 4.1+ before upgrading to SLP Janitor 4.1.

Resetting A Single Option
Resetting A Single Option, the theme updated date to force a re-query of the installed SLP themes.
Janitor Data Manipulation Tools
Janitor Data Manipulation Tools including the new data extensions reset tool.

Update List

  • Add more settings.
  • Enhancement: Reset a single SLP option.
  • Enhancement: Reset data extensions option.

Bitbucket Issues List

You can find the list of the latest plugin versions on the Release Notes page.

note: you can get this add-on pack for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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Charleston Software Associates Progress Report

SLP Forums Intro Text

As promised, a slew of support questions were answered today.  If I didn’t get to your question, hang in there, I’m working through the list and trying to address the issues completely.    I know it has been a couple of weeks.  I am trying to knock out ALL of the open questions before Monday rolls around.

SLP 4.1 Update

Testing has begun with the SLP 4.1 release.  A few bugs were uncovered and patched.   Full scale testing should be rolling along tomorrow with a few more patch cycles expected before a “ready to release” label is put on the product.  A dozen or so commits (code updates) happened in the past 24 hours including more refinement of the extended data interface that is now part of SLP 4.1.   This included a fix to the 4.0.035 release of Store Locator Plus that did not fully publish last week. New methods were added to increase performance by checking to makes sure an add-on pack has added new extended data fields.  This decreases the burden of doing behind-the-scenes table joins when they are not necessary.

SLP4.1 Custom Theme
Simple White Four Column Theme with Pro Pack, Enhanced Map, and Enhanced Results active. WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme.

Pro Pack 4.1 Update

Patches were made to Pro Pack and the version was bumped up to 4.1 for consistency.  Not that you MUST upgrade to SLP 4.1 to use Pro Pack 4.1, but having the Major and Minor release numbers match is a quick way to tell which add-on packs have been tested as being compatible with the 4.1 release of the base plugin.   A few language updates were made as well as a fix for the tag field labels for drop down and radio buttons.    It will also contain a patch for the “show uncoded” under manage locations, which currently requires you to put in a single blank space in the search query to get show uncoded filters to work.

Enhanced Results 4.1 Update

More patches were made to Enhanced Results to get it working properly with the SLP 4.1 built-in data extensions.    This ensures the ER add-on pack will function without requiring anything other than the base product, including the Featured and Rank fields.  In the current release, Featured and Rank fields only appear if you have Super Extendo installed.

Janitor 4.1 Update

Janitor has a new feature that allows for the reset of all the extended data structure and data contents.  This will allow users to “start fresh” if they had a prior Super Extendo install.  It is not required and the integrated data extensions of SLP 4.1 will carry over Super Extendo information, however some users have had difficulties due to bugs in Super Extendo that appear if plugins were not activated in the proper order.

SLP Janitor 4.1 Tools
Some of the tools available in SLP Janitor 4.1.


That is the update for today… back to testing and bug fixes on the way to getting SLP 4.1 out the door.

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Status of Store Locator Plus Updates

SLP4.1 Advanced Themes Random Pic

As you may have noticed, I have been “in hiding” for the past couple of weeks. Part of that was due to some recovery time from a 3-week illness followed by a father/son trip during the extended weekend this past week. However, I have not been siting idle and I will get back to the forums and try to catch up on some questions people have been asking over the past 2 weeks.

What have I been working on? The upcoming Store Locator Plus 4.1 release and coordinating efforts with a couple of other developers for some future add-on packs. I’ve also been working on updating Contact Extender and Enhanced Results as Super Extendo will be dropped, at least for the near future. Here is what’s coming soon:

No More WPCSL Framework

This is purely behind-the-scenes.  It makes the code slightly smaller and “lighter”.  More importantly it vastly simplifies the code and build logic.  That means less errors when producing builds.  It also means I can get other developers involved in the patch and update process to get even more features bug fixes out on each release cycle.

Super Extendo No Longer Required

The extended data management functions that once resided in Super Extendo have become part of the base plugin.   This means you will need to deactivate Super Extendo and upgrade your Contact Extender and Enhanced Results plugins when SLP 4.1 comes out.   Eventually I hope to work with the original author to add the “add and manage your own custom fields” interface, at which point Super Extendo will be re-introduced with that feature.

In the meantime, having the ability to extend the location data when needed as part of the base plugin will provide a better user experience.  The location database will remain small and lightweight for all users.   Only when you add a new “extended data” add-on pack like Contact Extender, or to a lesser extent Enhanced Results, will the database table add more columns.   Since this is now part of the base plugin, many of the problems that occurred when users activated an extended data plugin before activating the Super Extendo plugin are gone.   A smoother process and the opportunity to build a myriad of new data extensions with ease is a win-win in my opinion.

Advanced SLP Themes

The SLP theme system has been overhauled.    The existing themes still work and remain intact, however the new theme system can now read the hidden metadata in the CSS file headers and, if you desire, set all of the layout options for you.    This vastly simplifies the process of building new layouts with the map interface.    The initial release may only have one or two advanced themes but they will be updated on each patch to give users more creative choices.    Start with a built-in theme and adjust the page layout with Pro Pack or the results layout with Enhanced Results.   It will be far easier than before.

Various Updates

There are a number of other smaller updates in the base plugin and add-on packs.  Much of it is behind-the-scenes patches to reduce the front end memory footprint.   The Twenty Fourteen theme with a basic install is now running at about 14MB per SLP-enabled page load compared to 18MB on pre-4.1 releases. Multiple bug fixes have been made within the product.    Code has been simplified to speed up processing in some interface elements.   A few basic wish list items have been updated.  For those of you that use the Janitor, there is a new “reset a single option” feature and a “clear out extended data settings and data” option coming to help with managing under-development sites.

A lot going on this month.

Hopefully testing will start soon and if all goes well the SLP 4.1 update along with some add-on pack updates will be out by February 1st.

I’ll also get some of those forum questions answered.

– LC

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Widget Pack 4.0.005

Widget Pack Product Banner

A new update was received from withinboredom today for the Store Locator Plus Widget Pack.   The Widget Pack has been patched to resolve an issue that caused it not to function when some add-on packs were active.

4.0.005 Updates

  • Fix: Resolve conflict with other add-on packs.

Screen Shots

Widget Pack in Twenty Fourteen Sidebar
Widget Pack in Twenty Fourteen Sidebar


Widget Pack in WIdget Management Panel
Widget Pack in WIdget Management Panel

About Widget Pack

Put a find locations widget in your sidebar where users can enter a zip code or address and be directed to a SLP map page.

Current Product Releases

Read about the latest product updates on the SLP4 Changelog tag blog posts.

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Janitor 4.0.008

Store Locator Plus Janitor version 4.0.008 was released yesterday.  The new release added a “Clear All Locations” option which will delete all of the locations from the Store Locator Plus database.  This is a useful tool on test sites, when removing the Store Locator Plus plugin permanently, or if you can easily reload locations with CSV import when your server cannot handle larger lists on the manage locations page.

4.0.008 Updates

  • Enhancement: Add a delete all locations option.

The Janitor v4.0.008 issue list can be found at BitBucket.

Screen Shots

Clear All Locations
Clear All Locations new option in SLP Janitor 4.0.008

About Janitor

The Janitor add-on pack cleans up installation variables from the Store Locator Plus base plugin and add-on packs. This interface allows you to view the raw option values in the WordPress options table for the plugin and optionally delete all the settings. Be careful, this is a destructive process and will reset all your options to blank for the Store Locator Plus plugin. Does not remove locations.

Current Product Releases

Read about the latest product updates on the SLP4 Changelog tag blog posts.